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"The Gent Effect"

Do you love fashion? Adore Designers? Revel in the luxury of the finest fabrics and the most ardently crafted male scents? Now, all these sensational delights are wrapped up into one supremely indulgent, wearable experience. This season, the world of fashion, grooming, style guides, latest designers, come together to offer a feast for the senses. 

Inspired by celebrity styles and taking an immediate chance on showcasing how you can dress to impress. The Fashion For Men male fashion blog gives you this rich, decadent aroma, allowing followers to experience the ‘Gent Effect’ – the same pleasure that comes from indulging in a mouth-watering, stylish guide to help any gentlemen be truly unique. 

Andhika is a contemporary male fashion blogger that reveals in the confinements of the male fashion persona. His materials he produces are not that of your typical male guide. By taking chances and exploring what it takes to be an influencer, Andhika is bold enough to keep exploring the unknown. I got to know Andhika a bit better in this transcending cultural interview. 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) How would you describe your blog?

 Andhika (TFFM) My men’s fashion blog is different then others. It’s not only about style and grooming, but also etiquette. Many people know how to dress in a good way, but just a few who understand its function when attending a meeting or event. I also try to bring natural products like honey functions, cucumber functions, which are very rare to discuss in other blogs. 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Which celebrity’s style influences you?

 Andhika (TFFM) I always love classy style, David Beckham, Kit Harington, Leo DiCaprio, and Bradley Cooper are my faves. They inspire me in every detail. 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) What is the biggest misconception of male bloggers?

 Andhika (TFFM) The biggest misconception of male bloggers: “some bloggers think when they post their pic, their job is done.” If you want to make an online diary of your photo session, then you are right. But if you want to make your blog useful for others, you need a lot. Bloggers have to give a reason “why they wore these” or “how they mix them.” Furthermore, when people sees you as useful resources of their style, you can monetize the blog easily. 

You can take a look at my friend’s blog Antonio Centeno (RealMenRealStyle) or Brock (TheModestMan). They both provide nice pictures; they also give a lot of useful tips on men’s style.

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Off the rack or designer? 

Andhika (TFFM) Off the rack please…:-) 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Do you believe in chance?

 Andhika (TFFM) Sure, I believe in chance. My position right now is because every chance that I took. And sure, thanks for your chance Heather to promote my blog The Fashion For Men to the next level. 

“There is no limit to be an awesome guy.”-The Fashion For Men-

 Written and Conducted by Editor Heather Lisa Noire.


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