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"Stylish Man Alive"

When it came time to choose the most stylish man alive for 2015, it wasn’t a difficult decision. You can’t just dress suave to receive this award, having something extra can really benefit you to stand out from the crowd. He’s a global superstar and down to earth dad; you can have a pint with at a local pub. The cool and collected heartthrob, David Beckham was picked as the cover man for the sexiest man alive issue! This title doesn’t just go to just anyone, you have to prove you are icon worthy and David certainly has. The secret to his appeal lies in his confidence. “I think I was always confident in my own skin,” says Beckham. Sure, David Beckham is confidant showing what he is made of, rocking a bespoke tailored sharp suit, even posing practically shirtless at a People photo shoot. But the true David is a self-effacing East London lad who can’t believe he was picked as the cover boy for the sexy issue!

Besides his superstar status and countless best dressed looks on the red carpets. Beckham says how he really feels about the attention he gets. “I never wanted to be famous. All I ever wanted was to play soccer” Staying in shape is important for your health, but how does worldly business man, Beckham stay so ruggedly buff?

 Boxing- Beckham spars in the mighty boxing ring three times a week, with a London trainer. “I get cardio and strength work, and it keeps me focused,” he says.

 Indoor Cycling- When David is in the States, he has full body workout classes at SoulCycle usually twice in a day! “I do it for a week and literally see my body change,” he says. 

Family Hikes- A favourite activity Beckham does with his entire family is hiking. It offers quality family time together as well as an awesome workout.

Protein Shakes- After every workout he downs a protein shake. His most loved recipe is coconut milk blended with crushed frozen almonds and bananas.

 Healthy Eating- David goes for plenty of leafy greens, salad and lean protein. His guilty pleasure meal he loves pizza. “I’m pretty shy, and that’s something people don’t expect.” “Being English, we love our tailored suits. But most of the time I keep my style simple: Jeans, Boots, and a T-shirt”-David Beckham

You got way more into fashion as you gold older. Any fashion regrets? 

David Beckham- Victoria and Me always laugh about when we went to this Gucci show and we had on matching leather outfits, and now we’re like, “What were we thinking?” We were living at her mum’s house at the time, and she was getting changed in her room-we weren’t allowed to stay in the same room-and I was getting changed in my room downstairs. Then we both came to the kitchen and were like, “Wow.” It was a lot of leather. We still have those outfits…Once I bought this suit jacket that was Galliano, so it was obviously very expensive, and it had half a pink bra hanging out of the inside pocket, sewn in. I thought it looked good, but Victoria was like, “You are not wearing that!” 

Growing up, did you go through any awkward phases? 

David Beckham- I’m sure there were many awkward phases for me, but to be honest, all I was interested in was playing soccer. I never worried about what I wore or how I looked. I didn’t care about attention from girls. I just wanted to play soccer…. I was comfortable in my own skin and a quietly confident kid. I enjoyed everything about my childhood. My parents worked hard to give me everything they could. 

What is your favourite part of the day? 

David Beckham- I think when all the kids are washed and bathed and we all sit watching the TV together with a cup of tea and the kids have hot chocolate. Or the other night, we all sat in front of the fire pit outside and were just chatting together. I actually turned round to the kids and said, “Okay, this is Daddy’s favourite part of the holiday so far.” We’re a very close knit family, and as hard as we work and as much as we work, nothing ever comes before our kids.

You’ve been UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for a decade. How do you balance charity work with dad duty?

David Beckham- I want them to have a good work ethic. They want to come on charity trips that I’m doing with UNICEF. Obviously their schooling is the priority, but they’re well aware that their mum and dad work hard, and that’s what we want to pass on to them. But as hard as we work, nothing ever comes before the family.

 My body is my cathedral “Many people have said to me, “When your 60, how is it gonna look?” he states about his body art. “I’m not even worried about it.” 

Photography PEOPLE 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire 

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