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6 ways to dress like Heidi Klum

What do our eyes tend to focus on most when it comes to photography? Pure image and how it makes us feel. Our emotional reaction draws us in and causes a longing sensation to want to dress just like this person. When we see celebrities out and about it isn’t their careers most of us are focused on. Instead the hottest most searched topic is celebrity style! Have you ever caught yourself Googling a model or actress and franticly trying to find out where that dress or her shoes are from? We have all been guilty of this and there is nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s style. If you are looking for fashion inspiration Instagram is the best place to get inspired. Different influencers around the world can be found globally at the drop of a hat on this social media network. What I love most about fashion is how you can get influenced by something and make it completely your own.

Actresses have amazing style but the queens of getting it right each time are of course the supermodels. No, I am not talking about some up and coming new it girl but the original OG of runway royalty Heidi Klum! Shooting and being in the industry for 20 years, Klum has gotten to be put in many different outfits. You learn over the years what looks best on you and fits your figure. For Heidi, she gets inspired by what is daring and glamourous while still maintaining wear ability. Always a risk-taker Klum, loves to try something daring even when her publicist suggests she wear something more conservative. “But that's not me. I think clothes show your personality—you know you love color and you love having fun, and I can see that when you walk in the door. It doesn't mean that you're not serious, but it means that you're serious and you like to have some fun, too. And I like to show that in my clothes—that I'm fearless, that I don't always care what people think [about] what I personally wear.”
Being in a creative industry it gives all artist’s a platform of expressing themselves through their own personal style. Heidi Klum is completely fearless and loves to just be who she is. 

Here are 6 ways to dress like fashionista Heidi Klum.

1) Always make an entrance- When it comes to knowing what looks best on her figure, Klum makes any shoe look like a wardrobe staple. For Milan Fashion Week, she showed off her long legs in these edgy knee-high boots by Versace. Knee high boots work so well because they can be worked casually or dressy while transitioning from summer to fall instantly. 

2) Leather power- Leather has always been popular but for this season it seems colour leather is sneaking it's way into out wardrobes. Heidi knows how to take leather trousers and completely class them up! By sporting the red leather look with a silky black blouse, she is creating a dressy outfit while still maintaining a casual attitude.

3) Bright Outlook- A polished look can be really hard to pull off unless you know what tone looks best and can flatter you the most. In this case, Heidi throws on a look that seems so gorgeous and effortless. A bright flowing white blouse paired with fitted denim jeans and pointed bright white shoes to match. This style is completely stunning and looks as if she is glowing. What is best about this outfit choice is how easy it can be paired for a day to night look.

4) Oh so black- The supermodel knows to well that black is a popular colour. Let’s face it everything we always see looks best when it comes in black. For Klum she works the all black look so many different ways, from showing off a pop of colour with the right accessories, to dressing it up for some serious work taking place. Or for a playful look when out shopping with her hair carefully up and some hot shades, she struts her stuff down the street in complete model fashion. 

5) Denim Obsessed- Every girl around the world owns at least one or two pairs of denim jeans. No matter the fit, cut, or style jeans are always in fashion and recently have been becoming more popular than ever. Supermodel stunner Heidi takes her denim game to another level of airport street chic. She wears all different cuts of jeans with blouses, shirts, and even fitted blazers. What is best about skinnier jeans is how they show off her long legs and have them appear to look even more lanky.

6) Attitude- Whether she is casual or always dressed for the biggest fashion event in the world, Heidi Klum knows exactly how to influence people. It isn’t just in what you wear that makes a look happen, it is how your attitude comes across that can make or break you. If you really want to shine bright above the crowd have the right attitude. The model herself has this technique down so much it comes naturally to her. No matter what she is wearing she knows exactly how to work it in style.

The number one question that comes up when we look at someone’s style is, can I wear this? Though we each have our own fashion sense, shape, likes and dislikes, we do share a love of something unique and a passion for fashion with the right to wear what we please. 

When someone tries to convince us that a trend, a pattern, a fabric or an entire silhouette isn’t right for us, it can be a complete confidence killer. So forget about the “rules” and dress for every aspect of your life as you envision it.

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