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7 ways to elevate your wardrobe

If you’re looking for a laid-back, cool, and flattering way to add more style to your wardrobe, this January is always the best way to start. With us becoming more comfortable with saying and writing 2017, it seems a year comes and goes in the blink of an eye. As we look carefully over our wardrobes, we start to see a pattern that isn’t always so flattering.

Going through your clothes, you notice hanging up are some items you either never wear anymore, or you received them as unwanted Christmas gifts. We have all been there and sometimes it isn’t always easy to get rid of them. So what is the best thing to do when your whole section is making you feel the January blues? Revaluate yourself in a fashionable manner!

Some people feel gloomy or are not quite sure the best way to change the mood of their wardrobe. With cluttered clothing everywhere, you can’t seem to find your favourite shoes or bag because it is stuck in a pit of more clothes. What is the best way to fix this issue? Start cleaning out your wardrobe and turn it into a chic department. Once you have taken out unwanted items and got rid of them. The next step is to start adding new things to elevate your wardrobe this January.

Make sure you have a solid combination of new items added since this will translate into a much happier mood. Studies show that adding colour, patterns, or definition to your style can really excite endorphins, thus making your overall mind much clearer. Fashion is a fun way to express yourself and communicate to other people, what your personality is like with what you wear.  This doesn’t mean you go out and spend a lot of money on an entirely new wardrobe. All you have to do is pick up items that can be worn more times than you can count.

Investment pieces are the best things to purchase because they have longevity in your closet. So what are the best items to pick up? I have found the perfect 7 outfit combinations to really step up your wardrobe game this January.

Leather goes with everything- If it is one thing every street-style star has taught us, you can look absolutely fabulous with the right amount of ease. Get a pair of gorgeous leather or faux leather skinny jeans that go with everything you own. Try showing them off with a laid back cotton v-neck white t-shirt, a pair of golden suede pumps for a spice of colour, mixed with your favourite lightweight coat and oversized shades. This whole look is casual dressy at its finest.

Torn jeans are versatile- Denim trends come and go, but torn skinny jeans are forever staying. It seems the distressed jean is making its mark in the best way possible. You can wear this style of jean in a light denim. Add a crisp white blouse with a bit of a design and colourful ballet flats and you have an everyday look for shopping in the city with flare.

Biker stud- Many styles are so gorgeous but the best piece to own in any temperature is a biker jacket! Try one with studs and a unique design. This will be eye catching when worn with an all-black wardrobe. You will look put together, casual, with a bit of glamour.

Always make a statement- The first thing someone notices about you is your shoes, no they don’t, the first thing is your bag! I am a self-proclaimed bag watcher. What is that? It is a person who loves looking at beautiful handbags. A lovely bag showcases your personal style and by investing in one, no matter what the brand or price point is, this can defiantly lift your style blues. A bag can be worn with everything you own and become an everyday needed essential.
Leisure shoes- Even though we love a good high heel now and then, what one item everyone needs this season is a great pair of leisure shoes. As comfy fashion is becoming popular, it seems many are leaving their heels at home and instead sporting a chic pair of leather trainers. With many different patterns, colour combinations, this comfortable shoe is endless.
Menswear- Leave it to the boys to have all the fun. This isn’t the case for 2017! Menswear has rubbed off on us and we are starting to wear their clothes. A menswear-inspired coat is not a trend but a way of life. When the temperature drops, a fitted menswear coat makes for a cosy retro inspired look that will defiantly give off an elegant appearance. If you wish to be a bit different try a bright colour like yellow for added shock value.

Don’t forget those shades- Have you ever been at a café and had someone say, don’t forget your bag or coat. Normal right? Well when someone says, don’t forget your shades then you know for a fact, you have the best accessories in the world. A pair of killer shades, whether they are retro inspired like the cat eye, oversized 50’s style, or ones that mirror with exceptional colour you know these sunglasses are a must have. To finish off your wardrobe by wearing a unique pair of spiffy sunglasses. You will look like a starlet trying to dodge the paparazzi in style.

7 ways to elevate your wardrobe 

 For anyone who has a busy schedule and doesn’t know where to turn when elevating your wardrobe for January, have no fear with these effortless day-to-night options, you will always look stylish and convenient. This is a winning selection for your top 7 of 2017.

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