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80's Power Dressing

More than 25 years ago, music was better and singers actually could hit a note on point. Artists wrote songs that didn’t hurt our ears with god awful noise. I’m not old enough to recall the 80’s but believe me when I say, today’s music standards are hard to take. When you turn on the radio you feel like your ears are about to suffer a massive blow.

What is the best way to mend your ear drums? You listen to some old school jams of course. It isn’t just music that is taking a hit from decades earlier, designers have been doing some soul-searching and rule-breaking of their own, the time seems right to sing along with George Michael, Wham! The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and other classic acts again.

Designers plucked the new generation of supers and the most dazzling looks straight off the catwalks. When we spy on Fashion Week, we tend to get so inspired to pick styles we find to be so addictive. Not every piece can be worn outside with pride on the streets, but when it comes to Spring and Summer, we will defiantly make an exception.

This season, the strongest collections confronted that statement head-on, tapping into current 80’s culture to resonate with the best rule-breaking style outside. Both the runway and street style suffer from the same accusation- with the rise of fast fashion and social media, they have been watered down with a negative reaction. Not everyone is comfortable with coming out into the city looking like Sheila E! So how do we break this stereotype and make it positive? We laminate the pieces and mix them with our own individuality.

In the end, you will have woken the power of electric response followed by the crowd-following mentality of Instagram. It is the perfect place to find some sought after style trends that makes you fall in love. Subtle details like a white out fitted blazer, paired with embellished black trousers and exaggerated makeup is what makes these trends so hot!

The striking printed fabrics and tailored blazers, complete with shoulder pads, take us right back to the time of Duran Duran and the original supermodels.

Check out these eight sassy looks in Spring’s boldest spread yet. 
If "Addicted to love" is more your scene. Try an all black look! It is not only chic, but big shoulders mixed with a feisty surprise can get your fashion mojo going strong.
For a more casual feel, go "Grunge" you can't go wrong with mixing decades, with a mesh top and high-waisted skinny jeans intertwined with simple accessories, you have an old school style we will all be copying.
Daring people challenge authority. With a fitted blazer and black trousers with gorgeous embellishments, you are ready to be current while not being afraid to show some skin.
We all want to live the "Glamorous Life" So without love and shine their ain't much. Add sequins and depth this way you will be the life of any work party.
You can't go out, without the "Wow Factor"-make sure to have a show-stopping look with the right makeup. Best way to achieve this look is contour the cheek bones with blush, next fill in the brows giving a fuller effect, then give your eyes that max factor smokey eye we all love, finish off with a sexy red pout. 
For a night out, make sure you stick with a body-hugging sexy black dress. You can re-invent the little black dress for a goddess like feel.
Your party look can't be complete until you have 'Tom Forded" your silhouette. Let's face it, we love how this 80's design has become modern and classic for years to come. Bring out that sexy mama for a perfect night. 

If you wish to give more of a casual dressy look for the office. Go for a head-to-toe "whiteout" this look is perfect for Spring and can be beneficial to elongating your legs.

 Photographer Andrew Yee

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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