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Cannes Hottest Moments

From the glorified views of the golden sun shining down on the most breath-taking sparkling water you will ever see in your entire life! To the blossoming flowers so colourful, and luxury boutiques sighted for days. Cannes has the most incredible landscape. You could literally get lost here in a good way. What is it about this place that cast’s a spell on us? Is it the poetry that seems to whisper as we walk by the cafĂ©’s, or could there be more?

Fashion defiantly comes into play in the chicest way possible. What stole my heart this week, has to be Cannes sparkling moment.

In New York, the most talked about event is The Met Gala. For Cannes, it’s a bit more magical! Cannes Festival always brings out the most irresistible fashion most of us wish we could own. A lot of celebrates have the best stylists in the world. The only issue is they don’t get enough credit. They are the brains behind some amazing styles we get addicted to overnight. Some stars like to keep it safe and neutral, while others take things up a notch and are not afraid to dress outside the box.

At the event, I noticed many stars were trying to resonate with old Hollywood glam, when it came to some style inspirations.

Old Hollywood, is something a lot of people miss. When there was an era of mystery and we didn’t know such personal details about our favourite stars. With social media glorifying every waking moment, it is time to relax and just enjoy more privacy moments.

I love when haute couture makes its way into Cannes! It is something we rarely see these days. Elle Fanning’s hand-painted unicorn gown is a mystical collaboration with Vivienne Westwood. The bright painted colour showcases such elegant lines, as if she is wearing a canvas down the red carpet.

So many looks appeared to praise, while others had a more neutral emotion.

Here are my top 5 Cannes Hottest Moments.

  Golden Girl
Eva Herzigova sparkled like a golden girl on the red carpet. This gown and entire style is covered in gold!

    *Shine Bright  
Robin Wright brought the midi dress to an extra edge, with this look from Saint Laurent. 

   Noir Beauty
Marion Cotillard knows how to sport a chic unforgettable moment on Cannes red carpet. 
 Work Of Art
Elle Fanning's Unicorn Gown was a work of art by Vivienne Westwood.
Susan Sarandon kept it cool and collected in her velvet green gown.
  *  More *  *Moments *
     So Chic
    Hot Mess
      A Gent Affair
        Cannes Positivity 

What look is your favourite?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

Photography Getty Images

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