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The Do's & Don'ts for Christmas Shopping

No matter what state your mind is in with what is happening around the world, the holidays are a time to celebrate the good things in life, and to do so with style. With this in mind, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Do I hear not even close? Well, don’t stress because one things for sure most of us are just getting started. I have a confession to make, since I have been traveling my shopping is getting done quite well with just a few exceptions. I have been distracted by enjoying a calm and collected few days and honestly, it is the best way to be this time of year.

 Most of you are probably stuck on the best way to get your shopping done the “right way”. Truth be told, the “right way” doesn’t exist. Shopping is different for every individual and can depend on your level of patience. And if you happen to start super early like mid-October. FYI some people tend to prefer waiting till December to get more in the mood. I enjoy shopping because you never know what you could find in the mist of the wild boutiques and busy crowds.

   Thing is, when there are so many people to shop for it can be hard to work out exactly what to get for each person. Who else is typing out ideas on their IPhone under the notes section? Anyone? Oh, just me? Ok then.

Luckily, to help you not become an alcoholic. I have complied a really hot guide on the do’s and don’ts for Christmas shopping. So, you can put the bottle down and grab a hot cup of coffee instead.

Fill your loved ones with treasures to suit every taste, whether your shopping for a frequent flier who’s seen it all or a beauty guru who can’t get enough of Nars orgasm blush, or a flashy fashionista who just has to have those sequins to hit that party circuit, my juicy gift guide feature has you covered-preferably in black, and dripping with diamonds of course.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find one tip that changes your life forever. Enjoy this issue and Merry Christmas.

Stocking Stuffers 

This one is obviously a do! Remember waking up on Christmas morning and running to your stocking before the rest of the gifts? Well if you don’t you were never hugged as a child… No matter the age you are, stocking stuffers are a tradition and can be a lot of fun. Buying the latest lipstick, cologne, or sweet treats can be the perfect way to say you love someone.

Don't Buy Specifics 

When you start your shopping, if someone hands you a list and has specific requests, like I don’t like this, I prefer that. Automatically unfriend them online and in your personal life. If someone has to write a list, then gets into a temper tantrum if you don’t get them the correct item, they seriously need to revaluate their life. Hahaha, I just can’t. If you have any dignity left in your life you will surprise them. Because isn’t it the thought that counts? 

Presentation is Important 

First thing a young chef learns in culinary school is presentation is important. It isn’t just about how amazing the food has to taste. If it looks good then you know it will be a hit with the consumer. This goes under a do of course. Not only are you going to give an incredible gift but when it is beautifully wrapped, this makes for a very good first impression.
Holiday Stress
Have you ever heard of holiday anxiety? It happens to be real and even though, I have not experienced it personally, I have heard cases where it almost makes someone not enjoy Christmas at all. They can’t wait for it to be over. Defiantly don’t fall for this scam. Holiday stress doesn’t have to take over your whole mind where you can’t enjoy egg nog and premade Christmas shots to get you in the festive mood with style.

Go Online & In the Shops

Some people may be put off by online shopping. It can defiantly be a much easier way to shop within an hour versus the many hours spent in the shops looking for the perfect dream gift. I actually enjoy both. I normally shop online for hard to find unique pieces, while I go in person to the boutiques, because who knows you might see a leather biker or stylish pair of Jimmy Choo boots calling your name.

Avoid Buying Clothes

Unless you really know the person’s size in that gorgeous dress, or incredibly lovely pair of skinny jeans. Don’t even consider it an option. The biggest returns after Christmas is always apparel. Why is this? Well it doesn’t fit or its far too big. Your size in jeans, dresses, or trousers is so personal it can be difficult to predict.

The Waiting Game
Please do me a mega favour…don’t be that person who waits until the 23, 24 of December 2017 to go Christmas shopping. I can’t believe it myself but those people are around and making the shopping experience unbearable. By that time most of the good items will be long gone and you will have nothing but true holiday blues.

Sweet Treats Are Glamour's

If you are truly brain dead when it comes to lovely gift buying. Try getting some sweet treats. You can even create your own gift set and really brighten up anyone’s life with a glamourous sweet taste of chocolate fudge. Who wouldn’t want that for Christmas? Yum sign me up for sure!

Take a Break

You don’t have to explore by being burnt out after 3 hours of running around all of high street in search for the perfect pink beauty blender for that makeup addict in your life. By stopping at the nearest Starbucks and getting your favourite warm latte you will be doing your body a huge favour. As humans, we are literally like cars and need fuel to feel recharged and ready to start the day once more. So, do yourself good and have that latte and extra piece of cheesecake.  

Listen to Christmas Songs
Nothing can get you in the mood more than listening to some fun and joyful Christmas songs. It only comes once a year, so before the season is over. Turn those songs up at your Christmas parties, sing along while you are shopping in the stores and enjoy every moment of this glamour’s season.

I hope you found this list helpful. What is your favourite Christmas song? Let me know below in the comments section.

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  1. Presentation is really important! I spend a lot of time in presentation because I love seeing all the surprising faces.



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