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Customising Hot Mess Or A Work Of Art

The old way of doing things has changed drastically. One minute you have a normal strap, the next it’s taken away and changed into something fabulous. Time and time again, customising has taken over the planet. There is something really exciting about creating an essential that is a work of art. You almost feel like your own designer without having to do a lot of busy work. Take Fendi, for example. This Italian house loves experimenting with the idea of something fresh and new. 
Photo: Fendi Show 2018
When it comes to handbags, regular is boring. It seems the chain your vintage bag came with, is really not going to cut it. So, what does a stylish person do? They take it off and replace it with a leather strap for something completely different. If you don’t care for the original, swap it out for something out of the ordinary. There are really no set rules when it comes to customising something. You work with what you’re comfortable with. And sometimes, you can even get a bit bold and daring.
Photo: Vintage Chanel 
It isn’t just straps and chains off of bags, that are getting this treatment. Now, people are starting to get their designer bags and accessories, painted on with graffiti, or words, symbols, and pictures of things, or even adding colour here and there. This style shift isn’t really for the faint of heart, but the creative approach is fascinating from an artistic perspective. 
Photo: Birkin Hand painted
Besides the obvious screaming “I am an individual” you can get your leather goods and even shoes to be moulded into priceless works of art. I know, it sounds silly, right? But have you ever seen a bag that is shinny with crystals all over, and a hand painted design that just screams summer? And all you can think is, that is so breathtakingly gorgeous I just have to own this. You can have this custom done and have your item look incredible. 
Photo: D&G Show 2018 
The only downside, it can be costly for something so customising if you are going to go all out that is. But in the end, it will still be beautiful and an amazing work of art that not everyone else has. It all depends on your own lifestyle and how you see the item fitting into your style. If you still love customising, you can get the hand painted look and fresh new styles for summer here. Check out some stylish looks for this season, so you don’t have to sacrifice money for incredible style.

What do you think about customising?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire          

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