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5 Ways To Dress Like A Parisian Muse

Looking to step up your style game for summer? If so, there’s no better fashion set to take cues from than our favourite fashion city Paris, France. After all, is there any collective group that’s chicer? Parisians just have that effortless put together style that countless women wish to emulate. You don’t have to be a famous stylist to achieve such a glorified I woke up like this style. Another secret is you don’t have to spend loads of money to do this either. Can it really be done? Of course. 
Photo: Parisian Muse 
Most people get style inspiration, by coming through photos online to get that winning look. Sometimes, it can seem like a truly difficult challenge. But dressing ultra-chic! Doesn’t have to give you a headache. 

Here are 5 full proof ways to dress like a Parisian Muse.

           Comfort is key

When you are rushing around in the city, especially Paris. You really need to take care of your feet. And having the proper shoes that give you extra comfort can make all the difference in the world. It can make or break your attitude for your entire day. This is where leather ballet flats come in handy. These iconic shoes have been around for decades. And served as an inspiration from Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, to every French girls staple. They not only serve as a wonderful comfort to your feet, they take your outfit to another level of pure elegance. 

                      The Perfect Jean

One thing about us fashion girls, is we love a classic denim jean. Whether you opt for boot cut or keep it perfectly skinny. There is a lovely style for just about anyone’s preference. The best part is, jeans can be so versatile. You can wear them casually with a blouse tucked in for a sleek look. Or turn around and dress them up for a cocktail party with some downtown flare.

          Biker Jacket

Thanks to Bridgette Bardot, the biker jacket has cemented its way into our hearts forever. And for good reason. When you put on this smooth, soft, buttery leather biker it has such an effortless feel, that instantly makes your entire outfit look super cool. Every French girl adores this look ever since the 1960’s and today, going strong. 

          V-Neck Blouse

I can’t think of anything more Parisian than a V-neck blouse. It happens to be one of my all-time favourite pieces in my own wardrobe. This blouse shows off your best features, by highlighting what true class is. And adds such a polished appearance to the most casual pair of jeans, to a night on the town attire. When you tuck in a V-neck it just instantly sets off your whole look.

                A Glamorous handbag

Every woman alive loves Chanel. I can’t think of a more classic and iconic French brand. French women love to be feminine and what better way then adding a bag on your shoulder with a beautiful chain. I myself am a sucker for chains and for good reason. They are so versatile with anything you wear and just scream glamour! You don’t have to spend a lot to own a fabulous bag with a chain. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives. However, grabbing a lovely Chanel for a lot less than retail value is a must see.  

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         Layering & Adding heels

Most people in the city walk a lot. And sometimes comfort can outweigh style. In this case, you can defiantly make an exception. A heel when worn right, can be picked up as chic perfection. And become the hottest thing in the entire block. Layer your clothing lightly since Europe and the U.K. has been having a major heat spell. It seems to be having mixed reactions but that is another story. Layering like you’re an expert, doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding a radiant heel can really add an extra layer of spunk into your casual outfit. 

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How would you dress like a Parisian Muse?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire  

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