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6 Accessories That Are Hot: The Power Of Gold

Inspirational board: GOLD. Steel played a crucial role in mankind’s evolution, but gold certainly holds its own, and let’s face it: It’s far sexier stuff. From great pharaohs’ treasure and legendary lost cities to today’s bankable bars, there’s no question that every civilisation from the begging of time has fixated on the glitzy symbol of wealth and power. 

This significance comes into sharp relief at “Gold,” an expansion exhibition on display through 10 September at Mucem, the stunning waterfront museum in Marseille, France. 

The show, sponsored by Christian Dior, features an abundant collection of objects in a cleverly curated demonstration of gold’s sensual-and destructive impact on society: Pop culture references, modern art, and multimedia installations commingle perfectly alongside stunning archaeological relics. 

The fashion world is no exception to the metal’s far-reaching influence, and metallic bags and even gold-infused accessories have become staples, this season more so than ever. And speaking of enduring classics, here are six gold pieces we have to own now! This really is the power of gold. 

  The Gold Monogram Bag

A classic monogram bag, is never going away. It has made its way into our hearts. A hobo is beautifully casual and adds an especially glamour’s gold touch. Shop Here

Bow Earrings 

Every woman loves earrings. And these gold bows have a playful accent, while still be extraordinarily gorgeous. Earrings are so feminine and go with anything you own. Shop Here 

Metallic Shades

One accessory I never leave my house without. Is a pair of incredibly hot sunglasses? You need some slick shades to really throw your style all together. Whether a casual or dressy occasion. A pair of gold sunglasses just scream drama! In a good way, of course. Shop here  

Liquid Gold

If you can find a flap bag that is like liquid gold and truly stands out above the crowd? Then you have a winner on your hands. This beauty, is perfect for an evening on the town. Shop here

  Street Hits

With casual wear becoming such a buzz around the street style scene. It is no wonder that metallic gold trainers would come out to play. Wear these essentials of comfort with a dressy look and a casual style for those daily stops for coffee. Shop here

French Dior Wallet

Everyone needs a lovely wallet. And I honestly, adore an unusual look that holds its own in a room. A golden girl wallet can make your fabulous side that more interesting. Shop here

  What do you think of these gold accessories? 

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