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Spotlight On: Coach's New Look

Everyone's sense of self-worth goes up and down from day to day. It can be hard, however, to stay focused and engaged when you are feeling at a low point. I can’t understand the stress people cause on themselves by heading to that point of great sadness. One way to maintain positivity is to stop banging your head against a brick wall. This is especially helpful at those moments when you realise it isn’t worth the anxiety. 

When it comes right down to it as a society, people tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to do things quickly, or be your own worst critic. Since I have been traveling this summer. I met a lot of interesting people who told me they feel the world is like a ticking clock and if you don’t accomplish a certain task. Or don’t make yourself more intriguing in terms of the work you do then your life is over as you know it.

I was listening and to be honest. I don’t know what those pressures are. I have never experienced them myself personally, so I can’t quite grasp how it makes them feel. But I have some advice on this topic. Stop putting unrealistic pressure on yourself. Live each day, with a positive influence.

Do something wonderful for you that makes your heart sing. This can vary according to what brings you joy. For me it has to be another handbag. I really enjoy them because I love to see a new style blow me away and I am a tough critic to please. 

Which brings me to my huge spotlight! This is on Coach’s new look. No, the luxury leather brand hasn’t done a disappearing act then reappeared. Instead, the new creative director has shifted priorities and brought out some impressive products. One thing every brand has in common is when a new creative director comes aboard one of two things can happen. Either the brand goes down the tubes and the entire line is a disaster. Or the brand gets a chic makeover that makes us want to know more. In this case, the shift is very impressive. 
Photo: Coach
With so many designer brands beginning to lack in the quality department. Like leather feeling thinner than previously and hardware being not as smooth then you know what I am talking about. It seems a lot of brands are going up in price, while quality control has been cut way down. It isn’t one particular brand just having this issue. It seems to be effecting all the big fashion houses. Until this change, other brands are turning things around in a new light. 

Coach’s new creative director came in and completely revamped the entire brand to what I remember in my teen years. They kept the iconic CC monogram and redid it for a vintage effect while still being tastefully brilliant. What the brand has done right that some designers should follow is they don’t have a million styles to pick from. 

They just kept certain pieces that stay in your head, like the Parker. With its downtown New York elegance, and cool wear it with anything vibes makes it the perfect bag to wear daily. Then turn around and wear it for a night time affair going out on the town of eating life. Versatility is so important to have in a bag. And if you can’t have that then what can you have?

Have you ever had a bag that didn’t cost a lot of money and you were embarrassed for some reason to carry it? When it comes to the Parker and others I have to say this isn’t the case. I am very happy to rock this beautifully made bag with the most glamorous chain. 

My hat goes off to Coach for really showcasing what made the brand famous originally. I can’t wait to see what other new looks will be coming out for the new season. 

What do you think about Coach? 

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