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5 Items On My Fall Checklist

October marks the begging of a new season, and there’s nothing I love more than indulging in fall fashion. While I tend to be more of a handbag lover, the latest styles are making it pretty easy to say goodbye to my bag hunting. This season is bringing in some bold pieces with it, so get ready to take some chic risks. My personal favourite trends are 70’s inspired cosy striped jumpers, luxe edgy motto jackets, and stylish faux fur. I’m even ready to embrace some retro influences with a modern flare this year. Fall fashion, is the time when nicer things come out in the shops. Let’s face it chiller times call for getting a little more playful when it comes to mixing our wardrobes.

I am defiantly not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes (they are basically disgusting) or cinnamon-scented candles (so gross) but when it comes to fashion my enthusiasm is very high. I have been getting rid of pieces that I feel are not keepers. And enjoying new layering, yet this can be tricky since I don’t really trust the weather. When it feels nippy in the air, part of me is hoping it stays and doesn’t by chance get warmer. Traveling is fabulous when the weather cooperates. I must be one of those rare people who absolutely flourishes in cold weather. I lived in it all my life and I have to be honest, I never get tired of it. Like that old song that you just can’t get out of your head. 

With so many new inspirational styles popping up. Where does a girl begin? To make things a bit easier to enjoy the new season. I’ve created a checklist of this season’s must-haves. 

Hepburn Striped Jumper SHOP

 Striped Jumper is such a classic style. It is cosy and chic and goes with just about anything for fall. 

Blush Velvet Dress SHOP
Blush velvet dress let your 70s guru come out to play, with this versatile velvet dress. In a classic blush tone it makes from day to a night look in a breeze. 

Harvey Top SHOP

Lace detailed top there's something about coordinates that just work. If you need a blouse for work or that special occasion. Lace just makes sense perfectly. 

Leather Biker Jacket SHOP

Leather biker jacket is such a classic in itself. You can wear it casual and dressy. In any weather condition, and it is fun to layer in an edgier style. 

Bailey Printed Pant SHOP

Printed pant you don't always have to be forward with your accessories, sometimes a bold printed pant is a fun way to introduce yourself. And this print is such a fun way to say, hello there. 

What is on your checklist for fall?

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