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5 Misconceptions About Camera Bags

Have you ever been sitting at a coffee shop and took a nice quick sip of your favourite Italian roast? Then, out of nowhere you see this fabulous bag on someone’s shoulder. It instantly catches your attention and for that one brief moment, you forget about the whip cream moustache gleaming from that piece of delectable chocolate cake you just devoured. And all you can think about is that incredible beauty! This is called being obsessed with bags.
Photo: Pinterest Street Style Photography 
 Nothing is wrong with this as long as you make sure to invest wisely. One of the biggest misconceptions about camera bags is that they are not a likely choice for practicality. I hear these kinds of comments all the time, and it doesn’t faze the fact we still adore these bags. Let us be completely honest with ourselves and admit sometimes, we love those “shelf bags” that we can’t really use on a daily basis. But they do look stunning in those street style photos for social media. 
Photo: Getty Images Street Style  
With the seasons changing it is time to check out these misconceptions about camera bags and know they really can be a nice stylish addition to your already gorgeous apparel.

1) They are only for your camera. 
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The name itself sounds like these bags are only made to hold your camera while you film a video for your channel, or take brilliant snap shots for your website. But this really isn’t the case. Actually, you can put your daily essentials inside and use it as an everyday cross body alternative. Which makes those trips to the store that much easier when searching for that amazing leather jacket.

2) They are far too small for daily use. 
Photo: Pinterest Street Style 
This may sound a bit right. But the truth is some of these bags have a really good larger depth where you can fit a mini umbrella inside for those horrid stormy days. And even your keys, purse, and lipstick. I always say, pay close attention to the measurements of the bag. This way you avoid making any tiny mistakes. When you’re really more of a medium size bag lover at heart.

3) Not very practical.  
Photo: Pinterest Street Style Photography 

I have been in many different stores, where this word is used quite a bit of the time. And the truth is these beauties can hold a lot more then what may meet the eye. It is all about the shape of the bag you have to pay close attention to. And make sure you are very selective in your choices. Don't be swayed by those sales associates, who will tell you anything looks good for a sale. Do what feels right in your heart. 

4) Styles are limited. 
Photo: Coach website

Never the case when there is a wide range of different styles to pick from. Whether you want a particular leather, colour, or shape. Your search for the perfect camera bag is endless. And many top quality brands from all over the globe offer this little classic we all know and love. 

5) End up never using her. 
Photo: Pinterest YSL Bag 

 Some people buy bags and they lay in that closet forever. Gathering nothing but dust and it is so sad. Ok, I will not refer to a bag as a he or she I am simply justifying the fact that if you buy a bag especially, a camera one make sure you actually use your bag. I can't be bothered with people who stuff there bags and place them neatly in the box. As if they were bought to be served as an ornament on a shelf. You spent that money so use her or him till your heart is content, then replace them with another sleek model that catches your eye. 

Whatever you fancy, one thing never changes we all love bags. And we plan on rocking them with every outfit we own right? and I can't wait to see those hot bags in action on the city streets. 

What are your misconceptions about camera bags? 

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