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My Top 5 Picks For The Macy's VIP Sale

There’s no time like the heel of a new season to get a little fun shopping in. After all, I can’t be the only person in the world that doesn’t adore getting a great deal, on something so incredible you can’t help but check that recite twice. If a few new pieces are budget friendly, then life just got a little better. 
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With that in mind, I thought I would mention something I love more than handbags and double fudge chocolate cheese cake combined, an amazing sale. And not just any sale that comes and goes. But one that will make your heart sing with impeccable desire. The Macy’s VIP sale that is going on right now as we speak. You know, some sales have only certain items affected well not this one. Every designer piece is slashed and free shipping, there is nothing better or sweeter. 
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The best part is Macy’s delivers internationally. So, no matter what country you live in they will ship your item to you, amazing right? 

 Taken with great care, I have highlighted some of the coolest products found at one of my favourite affordable retailors. This week, I broke down a few finds that I would say are good to put on your own personal wish-list if you are that kind of person. From your ever so stylish dream bag, to the most coveted beauty product that’s worth a steal. You have to really check out these items yourself to understand how truly awesome they really are. 

One thing I love to do on here is share some tips that I find helpful for those wondering if I pay full price for something? Never on your life! I love a great deal and I find ordering online to be so convenient. Not only do you have a bigger selection, you can use codes to get even better deals on items without having to deal with a store clerk giving you the evil eye because you saved. I mean really? Why do you care lady just go back to your knitting, while I get these amazing pair of leggings for less than retail value, jealous much? 

Normally, most of us like to keep our shopping secrets to ourselves, in order not to give all our tricks away. I mean who wants to be that person. Not me says everybody. But in this case, it is always fun to know about something worth discussing and this sale is literally better than any sale this month. On a very electric side note, they have a great return policy if you happen to not like what you buy. Something very important just to keep in mind while browsing. 
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I know, hush up and get to the top 5 picks. I thought you would never ask. But before I begin, on a side note. 

Type in VIP at checkout and save a bunch you will be thanking me later when you score those sexy heels you have been eyeing forever. 

This Soft-Buttery Camera Bag

I have spoken about camera bags in my last post. But I have to say, they are truly a feminine statement. And I encourage everyone to buy one that has versatility written all over it. In this case, the floral lambskin camera bag from Michael Kors is not only gorgeous. It is also at such a great price I mean seriously? You have to get this to wear casually out getting coffee, or fancying it up for that night on the town. 

That Floral Dress

Spring is here, so everyone needs a stylish dress that is universally flattering and just so beautiful. I found it in this stunning belted halter dress by Tommy Hilfiger. I just adore the three styles. It is difficult to pick just one. But this particular style stood out to me and the outfit ideas are endless. 

  Beauty Find 

It doesn’t have to be Christmas time to buy yourself a beauty item to add to your makeup bag. This new season is perfect for exploring this eye shadow kit. Not only does it come with a mirror, which is reason enough right there. But it is the perfect compact size for travel. And honestly, we are all about due for a holiday. 

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

A girl can never have to many shoes. And this also goes for bags, but that is another accessory story. I fell head over heels in love with these Michael Kors blaze peep-toe dress booties why? First off, they resemble denim jeans which automatically makes them cool for spring and summer. And they are so hot they would make your whole closet explode with delight.

 Fragrance For One

We all love to smell great. And this fragrance makes the VIP list. It is Chance by Chanel. It has the sweet fruit scent that lingers as you get ready for that fabulous party where you can’t help but feel fantastic.  

    What goodies did you steal at the Macy's VIP sale? 

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