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Fashion Forecast: Whiteout Accessories For Fall & Winter

In today’s weather forecast, we are experiencing a whiteout this season and, thankfully, it has nothing to really do with the weather. When it comes to fashion trends, we see styles and even colours come and go. Take neon tones for summer and oxblood for fall. 

But one trend we first saw creeping up on us was in the form of white boots. They were literally everywhere! And with this 80s-inspired shoe it only made sense to give it a try for ourselves. But one particular accessory has us very curious and that is the white bag. (cue the dramatic music!)
Photo: Getty Images White Acessories 
A lot of people get scared of white. They assume it is only reserved for summer and special occasions. But honestly, when it comes to your own unique brand of style, it is best to throw caution completely out the window. Let your hair down and don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to experimenting with your accessories. Matching all the time and being all monochrome is so last week. 
Photo: Pinterest White Bags 
The biggest complaint is always colour transfer. Which makes sense why you would be concerned. But you can’t be one of those people who get terrified for every scuff, and or mark that enters your bag. You have to understand that luxury should be lived in and not kept on a shelf somewhere in your closet. There are ways to keep your white bags in shape but you also need to make sure you use them as well. Another great reason, is to pick up something other than traditional black. 
Photo: Pinterest White Bags 
   A bright optic white is the favoured look among street stylers, but any shade from blinding white to alabaster to cream will make an outfit pop. The same goes for shapes and fabrics. Those who want a more practical pick can opt for wipe able fabrics with patent finishes that help repel stains from setting into that bright-white finish. And never, ever carry any pens or potentially explodable makeup products in a white bag.
Photo: Street Style White Bag 
 White purses offer the versatility of other neutrals while providing a fresh finish to any outfit. A white bag perks up the season’s dark colours, pairs prettily with cold weather pastels and obviously looks dreamy when it completes an all-white look. 
What do you think of white bags as the new fall & winter accessory? 

Written by Heather Noire 

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