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Accessories Forecast: Chanel Classic Flaps Medium Versus Jumbo

I make a habit out of editing my closet to make sure my wardrobe is narrowed down to a tight selection of pieces I actually like and wear on a regular basis. As I have gotten older, I realised that I prefer the ever so beauty that is a classic. Something that truly never goes out of style and has an ever-green tendency. 

Trends can be fun to explore but when it comes right down to the obvious you can’t beat a classic. On today’s accessories forecast, we explore the age-old question. Which size is worth purchasing, the Chanel classic medium double flap bag or the jumbo double flap? As I sit here in my office at home due to the virus outbreak.

 I can hear the chirping of the birds outside my window. And no, I am not being sarcastic. It is actually a pleasant sound to hear and a nice change from all the stress and worry this pandemic has caused most people globally.

Birds and virus discussion aside, back to the most interesting thought process. Which size do you pick in terms of an iconic classic accessory. A lot of people have reservations since I feel like it is important to be practical and not sacrifice style and glamour in the process. Which you can completely do and as cracked as it may sound. I do advise people to do their research carefully and see how the size of the bag would fit into your daily lifestyle. So, ask yourself this, does size really matter? 

When we think off a classic flap bag. You picture some fancy heiress waiting patiently for her town car in the city to go shopping for some much-needed retail therapy. Never the less, it has become a status symbol of a true classic. And many other designers have done similar styles to try and emulate the iconic bag. As beautiful and stylish as this bag is you really have to consider versatility when it comes to your accessories. This goes for shoes as well as the right jewellery. But we are discussing handbags instead which I have to confess is my favourite accessory to own and talk about. I could literally talk about bags all day long and it wouldn’t get old. 

Here is something to consider what sort of leather to go for. It really depends on your preferences. Lambskin is a gorgeous shiny leather that has a dressy element but it does tend to be a much thinner leather and can show wear more easily. The other leather to consider instead is caviar leather. Which is really just treated calfskin leather that tends to be a lot more durable. 

The hardware decision is crucial. This really is an important point. Because you have to consider that gold hardware can be a little more spotlight and it says here I am! Versus silver hardware which is quietly elegant and timeless. Both hardware’s are beautiful and it really just depends on what you are drawn to the most. 

Now it comes down to size once again. The medium has a really nice appearance, but you do sacrifice room in terms of what you can bring with you. The depth is very small and this risk your daily essentials fitting comfortably inside. A lot of people resort to getting a card holder instead of a traditional wallet or purse. And no one wants to have to deal with that I am sure. Positive on the jumbo is your essentials fit without sacrificing anything. However, I do hear complaints about it being a heavy bag. But honestly, I think most bags are heavy in general depending on what you are bringing with you on a daily basis. 

Both sizes are lovely and once again it is a preference in sizing but what size do you adore? 

*All photos are from Pinterest. 

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Written by Heather Noire            

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