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Fashion's Forecast: Spring Has Sprung

It finally feels like Spring has sprung-translation: You can actually put away your chunky jumpers and thick wool coats and swap in things like denim jackets (I am definitely excited about this one!), flirty dresses, and oh so stylish blouses that demand the spotlight and for good reason. 
Photo: Getty Images Denim Jackets 
Now, the true question is what to wear? Don’t worry, with my slick expertise I am here to save you from a fashion disaster so even in this trying time off social distancing, you can still turn out in the chicest way possible. 
Photo: Getty Images Denim Jackets 
When it comes to fashion, a lot of people search the corners of the city from New York to even Paris for style inspiration. But since the scary virus has taken over our lives the new normal of staying home and wearing masks to protect ourselves is our priority. But this stressful time doesn’t mean we can’t find fashion inspiration still. It is just going to come from other sources like social media. The internet has true inspiration that makes us excited about spring time coming in with a boom. 
Photo: Getty Images Flirty Blouses 
Getting influenced in such a good way is so fun. Look at all these incredible new styles coming in for the season. It makes us want to get our finger tips ready on the pulse and add a few goodies to our carts at checkout. Most important thing when shopping for these new items is find a promo code if possible. Every stylish person around the globe, me included loves a bargain here and there. Especially when it comes to something really beautiful and highly versatile.
Photo: Getty Images Yellow Knit Jumper 
I know it is going to sound silly but a bold colour really screams spring and summer time. So why not replace your everyday t-shirt and swap it out for a chunky yellow knit paired with this white mini skirt and gorgeous flats makes this style super chic.
Photo: Lulus
 When it comes to being flirty and bright. A floral little number can really lift the spirts up. This mini dress from Lulus is the perfect lightweight dress to go from brunch to the weekend out with the girls. (Shop the Lulus sale code SWEET50 at checkout for 50% off every single sale item.) 
Photo: Getty Images Blouse Street Style 
There is something so timeless about a polished blouse. You can get a variety of colours and styles. And when you tuck it into your favourite jeans, trousers, or even skirts you instantly look like you know what you are doing.
Photo: Getty Images Blouse Street Style
Photo: Street Style Denim Jacket 
Not everybody can get into a new trend or style that pops up globally. But lately, I am really loving these cropped jackets. The cropped denim jackets are the perfect casual statement that can instantly make you look cool, calm, and collected.
Photo: Getty Images Denim Jacket 
Photo: Getty Images Jumpsuits 
Investing in something you can wear multiple times and for every season is a must. Especially if you wish to wear it casual and for a dressy occasion. A jumpsuit is the best choice. It works on everybody type and they make so many different styles.         
Photo: Getty Images White Dresses 
       What colour comes to mind when you think about spring or summer? White of course! What perfect way to showcase your wardrobe as being fresh, clean, and sparklingly new than a white dress. They have so many variations and white can go from casual to cocktail hour with just a switch up off accessories.
Photo: Getty Images White Dresses 
Photo: Getty Images Zoe Report Street Style 
       I feel like I saved the best spring accessory for last. 
Besides amazing clothes every stylish girl needs a pair of great looking sandals that are not only comfortable but make a really amazing statement.
Photo: Getty Images Sandals 
Photo: Getty Images Sandals 
What is your favourite spring item?
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Written by Heather Noire      

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