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5 Ways To Take A Chance And Be A Woman

When it comes to what is next in fashion, it seems designers are taking their inspirations to new and exciting heights. At the rate, the experimental notion is going we may start to see looks from another planet. I am all about edgy and unique pieces myself, but when it comes right down to it. When does it become rather silly? I feel like you should wear whatever you want and what you feel the most comfortable in. 
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Especially, when you are expressing your fashion sense. I am just not a fan of going so far as to looking like you belong in a horror flick with a Sci-Fi element. Trends are so fun because you can see if the style and look can fit your lifestyle. But beware, some of these trending designs can be more horrifying than anything else.  
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Since we are on the topic, I am so over these oversized masculine coats and structured pieces. They were interesting for like a very hot second because we all like something fresh and new. But now, they are starting to be increasingly irritating to look at. I can understand the whole chic, girl boss, power dressing theme. I am all for women looking and feeling fierce in what they have on. But these over the top masculine pieces just scream men replant! You can still be a strong and confident woman without giving up your femininity completely. 
Photo: The Fashion Cuisine 
I have also noticed shoes becoming very low key manly. I wear flats and ankle boots myself. But I don’t like these loafers that seem to be taking over the street scene. I mean I get the idea behind it which is smart for the style. I just don’t like that we have eliminated high heels all together. Whatever happened to getting ready in your room. Listening to your favourite song and putting on those stilettos ladies? 
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We have to literally save ourselves. Before we get rid of faux fur coats and lingerie style tops next! Don’t be scared though. I have complied 5 ways to take a chance and be a woman while still staying true to your own individuality. Below and in the article, you can shop the links and add a few new pieces to your already amazing wardrobe. 
Photo: Pinterest Fitted Blazer 
The fitted jacket- I still adore jackets and blazers. I think they have a classic element to them which makes them a sought-after investment piece to own. But I don’t feel you have to wear a masculine style. A fitted jacket or blazer when paired with your favourite pair of jeans, pencil skirt, or over a sexy dress can really make your style versatile. 
Photo: Zara 

A pair of great heels- They can be uncomfortable I know. But being sexy, you are not supposed to be comfortable. It is supposed to be chic and wild. So, add a pair of high heels to your outfit. I have seen so many new styles coming out. Even an animal print or bold hue can really stand out. 
Photo: DressNote 
A sexy dress- I am not a dress person I prefer jeans and leggings. But if I was into dresses then a fitted one that showcases your amazing figure is the way to go. Buy something that really can be worn more than once. 
Photo: Gucci Purse Blog 
The perfect accessory- No matter what you have on. If you don’t have the perfect handbag you might as well eliminate yourself from life as we know it. The perfect handbag no matter the design or style can really compete an outfit. It is the perfect and best accessory. 
Photo: SHEmazing!  
Perfume- Not everyone can be bothered putting on perfume. But I have to tell you before you leave the house. The perfect signature scent of yours can linger in the best way possible.  

Which out of the 5 do you agree with and love?

Written by Heather Noire    

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