15 August 2020

5 Reasons why I prefer smaller bags

The fashion industry can place a lot of weight on the newest style, with a constant quest for the next biggest thing to really catch our eyes. As a consumer of fashion and accessories, I have to tell you that a lot of trends and newer looks don’t really impress me. I tend to be attracted to something that just screams femininity and has a certain something to really stop me in my tracks. Some brands, like to play on what is popular versus what is timeless or evergreen. We however, are starting to see a real shift when it comes to how we as consumers shop.  


While some stores are opening up as long as you wear a mask.

Another option is of course, online which can be rather fun too. 

With an emphasis on longevity and wear ability, over viral pieces. 

Building a wardrobe with style can offer a more sustainable approach to fashion.  

Basics in my opinion are boring and make me want to fall asleep in my chair while I am writing this. I feel like puking every time someone showcases beige to me. There is a time and a place I feel like. Ok, back to my series, of why I as a fashionable woman prefer smaller bags. It is quite simple really…but for those of you looking like why petite versus bigger? Well, the answers may surprise and delight you. 

Smaller is just better

For me it is way more convenient to have a smaller bag on your shoulder because you avoid the suitcase syndrome. The feeling of taking luggage with you on a daily basis. Last, I checked no one can really travel on planes right now and the ones who do are just crazy.


It doesn’t matter if your smaller bag looks casual or dressy. Actually, it can work well for both occasions. The versatility factor is endless because you can wear it out to lunch during the day time. Or running errands then turn around and wear it for out to dinner or a nice night out. You can dress it up or down and not feel the need to waste time searching for a specific bag just for day time or for only evenings.  

Brands have more of a selection 

If you want a particular style, colour, or fabric choice meaning canvas or leather. Many designer brands have that for you to choose from. And the brands are there for the picking. If you gravitate towards one style over another go with your gut and what you seem to be more attracted to.  

Quality is forever

Many brands now tend to go by pleasing the masses over sticking to their roots on what made them amazing to begin with. If you notice the leather or feel of some bags are not as good quality anymore. That is why some people turn to vintage pieces. Even ones from the early 2000’s can be a great choice. But they also sell newer styles as well at consignment shops. Fashionphile is a great one to check out they have so many gorgeous smaller bags to pick from I highly recommend them. They are trustworthy and have sales. And best part is if you don’t like what you bought send it back for a full refund no strings attached. 

They just look modern and cool

Whether it is a vintage camera bag, or a newer smaller cross body. Smaller bags in my opinion just have a modern and cool look to them. You know when you put them on your arm or across your body they have this look that makes you have a put together appearance. Kind of like when you put a jacket on or sunglasses before you leave the house. That is what smaller bags do and they have a powerful magic about them but don’t tell anyone it is a secret. 


What do you think about smaller bags? 

And my new Gucci bag I just got that is featured in this lovely post? 


*Shop the links highlighted above if you want to find a smaller bag for yourself to add in your wardrobe.  


Written by Heather Noire 


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