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Fashion Forecast: A chic staple for a cool wardrobe

Leather Blazer

When it comes to the month of December, the weather is starting to become cool, calm, and collected. So, most likely we need a winter staple that can easily transition into our already cool wardrobe. But what exactly should that be? For me, it has to be a chic classy staple item with some edge. Every woman wishes to look fierce, even when she is just leaving the house to run some last-minute errands. And as daft as it sounds, why not look incredibly fashionable doing it. 

WhoWhatWear Street Style
Photo: Street Style Leather Blazer 

The first thing that comes to mind is a leather jacket, but that is just so expected, especially for this season. So why not combine that idea with something a little more put together and sleek. I’m a huge fan of tailored pieces. So, owning a look that is put together goes no further than a tailored leather blazer. It is the ultimate transitional piece with high versatility levels. It can go from daytime style, right into evening with a few mortifications to your accessories. 

Getty Images Leather Blazer
Photo: Getty Images Leather Blazer 

Less is more and you want the leather blazer to take center stage and not overdo the highlighted piece of your outfit. Plus, I adore the idea of mixing the hard and the soft fabrics together, of the leather and the sophisticated silhouette of the blazer. Together, they make for the perfect couple, that I see so many women admiring and trying to emulate the style inspiration for themselves. And doing it very well, I might add. 

Getty Images Gotham
Photo: Getty Images Gotham 

Designers that have been inspired by this classic style, are most notably the house of Balmain Paris. Even though, Balmain is an incredible high-end brand, and make the most sought-after leather blazers every constructed. Not everyone can afford them. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have that sophisticated Balmain look and sacrifice being fashionable.  

Getty Images
Photo: XPosure Photos

Stores like SHEIN, Nordstrom, and Mango have different affordable price points for a leather blazer. So, you can still be chic and still have money left over in your pocket. 

Fashion Hola
Photo: Fashion Hola, Getty Images Leather Blazer 

And these leather blazers look just as good as Balmain’s, actually maybe even better. You be the judge; how would you wear this chic staple piece for a cool wardrobe? 


Written by Heather Noire        

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