31 December 2015

"Midnight Masquerade"

In a blink of an eye, Christmas has come and gone. All your gifts have been torn open and all the stress of the season and jolly festive films has faded. How do you get over the end of Christmas blues? You plan for an event even bigger then Christmas could ever wrap up! I am talking about New Years Eve! New Years is the time for you to get creative and themed events are very popular this year. If you are the adventurous type and wish to go all out glam and mysterious then try ‘Midnight Masquerade’ New Years themed event! 

16 December 2015

"The Art Of Desire"

Get ready for an enchanted evening. Play it cool and collected this holiday with the must have gift of the season! Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme perfume can only be described as an old fashioned and mysterious odor that puts you under its spell with the inability to resist it’s mystic charm. Even though this cologne is strictly for a man, women can also get away with dawning this amazing scent. The smell lingers as you practically here a jazzy piano playing rapidly in the background. Black bold cherry with a hint of vanilla is defiantly the scent that runs through your mind, when you first smell this dream of a fragrance. I would recommend this cologne to anyone who is doing last minute Christmas shopping!

 The festive attraction is alive through this hypnotic sensation, your so addicted to the glimmering fragrance you can’t stop smelling it. Feeling like your transported to a dark underground night club, you take a sip of burgundy wine and notice a hidden sense of sex appeal, you never knew you could possess naturally. There’s something intimate and seductive about a gorgeous perfume on a man, why not be equally as desired with Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme. You will be the life of the party and smell like a luscious temptress of class. Let the bad girl of the night shine through and tempt every spotlight you see.

 Ford’s cologne is perfect for any moment you just want to be your true chic self. It is one spicy fragrance with an airless scent and at first glance, it smells like a sharp mans aroma but when you breath in the berry and vanilla scent, you can tell the cologne is like a goddess’s fragrance. This perfume will have the man in your life falling to your feet! You will not be disappointed when you let your glitz style come out to play. Such warm and burning desires with this golden elegant treasure. Warning not for the faint of heart! 

19 November 2015

"Model Type Face"

Striking silhouettes, rich, embellished fabrics and unapologetic glamour-this is what most young girls envision when they look at supermodels on the red carpet. While it may seem like a high-street world filled with excitement and pricy clothes to sport, there’s no skimping on the details of the not so shiny side. The client’s influences can take a lot out of you, especially if you are new to the industry. 

It may seem like a fun job, taking your photo for a living and getting to travel around the world. The reality is far from it. If you don’t have thick skin then you can’t survive the modeling industry. People from all walks of life, will judge you and cause many new insecurities, you never thought you had before. 

12 November 2015

"The Night Is Young"

Looking for your next party hair and beauty combo? The face of Rimmel London, Georgia May Jagger, has some ideas. Adding a start struck statement earring doesn’t hurt either! Georgia May Jagger learned her night out beauty routine from the best. “My mum (model Jerry Hall) loves experimenting with makeup, changing her face in different ways,” says Jagger, 23. “She has a face that’s so good with makeup, you know?” When Jagger gets ready for a glamour’s night out, home in London, she has a gorgeous and easy routine: “Play some Wu-Tang, pour a glass of wine, and sit in front of the mirror with all my makeup.” Her new tip, she says, is applying powder shadow on eyes, and then putting lip balm on top. “It makes the creamiest eye shadow,” she says. Want to get her style for yourself? Check out how to rock this party look right here! Get the London Look.

5 November 2015

"Classic Elegance"

Art is not about the lack of control-in fact; it’s the complete opposite. There are very specific boundaries. Being able to express and understand emotion through what you wear is incredibly healthy to the design of appearance. The need for functionality has given men the liberation to dress in a way that serves their needs, both fast paced and expressive. Our desire for function has also led to the transformation into luxury articles. In particular, the waxed cotton canvas Belstaff jacket has gone from outdoor, motto gear to de rigueur piece of outerwear in the city, replacing the traditional rain coat seen on the streets at men’s fashion week.

 Speaking of style, you can’t ignore the dramatic moments clients have when embodying great characters converted into style icons. What is the secret to their success in the design industry? Are they just natural born gents? The answer lies with Joe Ottaway, a forward thinking stylist, writer, creator and overall men’s fashion guru, Joe introduces A-list celebrities, into the world of new age men’s fashion. “Sometimes the style conscious man of today can benefit from a little help, guidance and a few steps.” The men’s industry is represented in a somewhat one-dimensional, unapproachable and pretentious way. With Joe’s guidance, he is willing to break those barriers and misconceptions down for the stylish man of today. The charming interview includes, amazing photos compiled from Joe’s impressive portfolio. 


30 October 2015

"Sharp Winter"

The latest infatuation with French style echoes the Parisian culture at large: The French are best known for having a mysterious mystique, which is very endearing. But just because the influences are all around us, with retro classic cafes, city people on bikes or walking to the greatest destinations, doesn’t mean working them into your wardrobe is easy. This can be especially difficult for men. Women have it a tad easier since there’s an entire library of advice for women, something so easy like throwing on a boyfriend wool coat and sleek oxfords, paired with a ruby red lip and your are instantly chic! The few male fashion guides out there make things even more confusing (what exactly does “dressing Parisian” mean?)

 The key is to maintain balance. If you buy a suede jacket, wear it with something you already have. It becomes costume when everything you own references what you think pure French style is. In other words, there’s a fine line between doing it right and looking like a silly tourist. If you’re just looking for a straightforward style guide to men’s fashion in Paris, this is the secret treat for you.

 Investment Pieces: A Parisian man is willing to spend a little bit more time while shopping, paying close attention to the garments fabric. How well something is made can really test its durability. By introducing minimal garments for a winter wardrobe, this conveys sophisticated masculinity. Make sure you invest in wool and modern tweeds for a standout seasonal look. A Rib-knit sweater converts from open-necked to extra warm with the tug of a zipper. This sweater is smart and irresistible, no-drama classic that every man should own. If a tweed jacket can make you run for the hills, try a more laid back approach with a pair of tweed trousers. Make sure they are the right length for your height. Nothing is worse in life then buying a pair of pants that is way too short for you. Bonjour high waters! When blended with different fabric choices, hello leather! The tweed trousers can convey a more casual appearance. 

Fitted Is Always Better: French tailoring has a specific “stamp” in terms of detailing, gradual waist suppression, the signature flair on suit jackets, a more narrow trouser leg, and the universally regal posture created by the high cut and cigarette shoulder. So does this mean now I have to go to the tailor? You don’t have to worry about your clothes fitting you perfectly. Shopping off the rack for tailored garments is the secret to dressing like a Parisian. Come a little closer you will want to listen carefully for this one, did you know when bargain shopping you can find fitted blazers, tailored shirts, and structured sweaters? Don’t believe me, it is true and you will thank me for this later. The perfect shirt that is denim or patterned cotton is an everyday essential you can’t live without. When paired with a great pair of fitted denim your truly a French staple. Take an Mélange Blazer in a skinny fit for a dressy update to your typical merino wool selection. Style your essentials with a bang, when you wish to look smart and stand out.

22 October 2015

"The Dark Arts"

Plum dark lipstick, terrified much? Lying between the legendary Grace Jones, Jessie J and Halloween, it’s an acquired taste. But after seeing boldly almost blackened lips at Giles and Emanuel Ungaro, dark lipstick revealed its sophisticated prowess. ‘Bold, plum, black statements can be very chic.’ If you feel a tad nervous about trying out this colour on your lips, I suggest ‘eggplant or oxblood’ as an alternative if it’s a little too much. Lips make no exception when it comes to accentuating one of your best beauty features. Similarly to eye shadows, you’re offered the chance to test the different tones until you find the one that matches, both your preferences and your gorgeous skin tone. 

The trend can be very difficult to sport if you don’t pick the right hue, you could end up looking like a wicked witch instead of an irresistible vamp! The tint both in profound and lighter shades radiates femininity and glam. However, the top-notch advice it is recommended to go for the bluish- undertones, since this will guarantee your teeth to look gleaming and pure white to perfection. 

Don’t you just hate it when people say this annoying bullsh** line, “Those who have a more fair complexion should consider choosing a less, matte or pastel shades that would only ruin their porcelain skin, instead go for a berry or profound magenta.” Um excuse me, but when did you become the beauty police? Last I checked, I love matte lipsticks and you sure as hell are not about to tell me it will ruin my skin tone. Is this person serious? If you are like me and do the complete opposite of what the beauty police says, then guess what? You will be far better off and you might just discover some cool colours for your luscious lips in the process.

 To shift the attention to the lips, make sure the eyes are played down and not so busy. Try the no-makeup look or a simple eyeliner and mascara. Light rosy cheeks go miraculously well with the plum lips. If you wish for a retro vampy glam look, I suggest you try a dark brown or grey eye shadow for the eyes, to complement the bold lip colour. 

15 October 2015

" How To Dress Like A Supermodel"

Let’s break the ice here straight away – to dress like a model you need to weigh like a model or at least be close to it. And, if we are to be completely honest, almost anything looks good on you when you are thin.

No, I am not promoting anorexia, bulimia or any other weight loss-illness, far from it. If anything, I believe there is nothing as gorgeous as a woman in her natural weight, stunning and proud and, most importantly, knowing how to carry herself, regardless of her being 80 pounds or 180 pounds.

Working as a stylist I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with many a model, actress, singer and all these experiences rounded up make for an amazing gather-up of ideas that you can use, even though you are not a celebrity or a model. I mean - who is to say that you can’t look chic and perfect just because you aren’t walking a runway!

For an ordinary woman, every day is a runway on the streets of her city and she wants to look powerful, as she should.

I have put together some ideas that will help you look and feel like a model, every day from now on. I’ve drawn inspiration from the trendiest and coolest models of today so read carefully and visualize!

10 October 2015

"Death By Rouge"

It’s scorching hot to be a scarlet lady this autumn. Hot romance blossomed on the AW16 catwalks. Exude your own wild beauty with retro inspired dresses, blood suited blazers, ravishing fur coats and a romantic spirit. A cut above from asymmetric necklines to sleek fabrics, autumn’s tailoring is a game changer. Time to get suited and booted. Another level statement sexy, chunky knits and silk separates: Get cozy with this seasons key layers. Care about your style and don’t ever take it lightly. Create your look from the style down. Perfect your sophistication with shape and soft definition to turn heads.

The must have colour of the season is death by rouge. What is most striking about this tone is it can always have a place in your wardrobe. Modernize sharp lines with a feminine flourish. A pop of colour will earn you extra style points. Here are the five ways to wear this colour the right way! 

Valentino Effect- Bite into Fall in the most aggressive way with a tailored blazer. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Give this jacket a smarter spin for work by layering a classic soft pink blouse underneath and pairing the look with matching neutral sexy stilettos. Stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, by sporting a silky blazer to showcase your inner vixen with a spicy point of view. Valentino is known worldwide for the red connection, a colour that is always in season. In the most daring way, lust after a darker colour to work in with your love affair, olive green skinny jeans just work with the silky blazer and a pin up red lip to really hit a fever pitch.

2 October 2015

"High Voltage"

Since her debut in 2014, it is difficult to classify Marianne Cancrini as simply an Italian designer. Her collection breaks cultural, social, historical, and innovative boundaries. She developed a passion for creativity and design, after spending time in London to learn the English language; Marianne returned to Rome and enrolled at The European Institute Of Design. After working in the design sector, she was inspired to create Phactory Lab; Marianne’s mission with the brand is to offer a city chic collection both in design, wear ability and quality. 

Layer varied textures and a statement cape to form the ultimate urban uniform. The black and white sophistication sometimes can be broken over bright colours. The focus on the collection at hand is on the city woman, who looks seemingly casual, while still showing her inner fashionista. The sharp intertwined leather echoes pure delight of intrigue, while enhancing movements of an avant- garde paradise. 

The high voltage of a futuristic feel is evident through every intellectual. Phactory Lab’s latest campaign is seductive with a black romance and unique undertones. Some looks never go out of style. 

Check out my exclusively trendy interview with Italiano designer Marianne Cancrini. Inspired? 

27 September 2015

"The Unexpected Colour"

When it comes to desire for Le Smoking-hot staple, it’s a slow and steady burn. George Michael said it best, “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.” From the house that introduced the cobalt suit in 1966, such gender bending comes as no surprise to fashion. This sleek masculine attire, became an evening standard thanks in part to men and women on the LCM street style scene, who rocked the styles while attending the catwalk shows. This is a feat rarely seen in fashion. The secret to its success, as made evident by many in the industry: Anything guys can wear, girls can wear better.

 Our clothes give us the opportunity to create an optical illusion. Fitted items will always enhance you. When sporting a fitted suit, make sure it’s memorable. The cobalt suit is versatile, it can be dressed up or down. Ladies and Gents, here are four ways you can create show-stopping looks with the cobalt suit.

22 September 2015

"Green With Envy"

The rather dashing Jasper Conran kicked London Fashion Week 2016, into high gear! He started off so strong making other designers green with envy. Colour changes everything and transforms the eyes with the finest stroke of bold patterns and the sleekest fabrics. The pieces Jasper showed off on Saturday were a confident celebration of power, with easy lines, clean detailing and a minimum fuss. The models sported natural looking makeup and flowing unkempt hair. Many shades of green were on display, some standing confident and alone, others mixed with white. 

The designer described his collection as downtown chic this year, over British traditional style. The show was held in a converted parking garage in Soho. At the glitzy fashion extravaganza, the audience traded in neckties for torn jeans. It was a fun and relaxed event that shook up tradition quite nicely. Carefully crafted with pure elegance, the pattern dresses were showcased for a dressy or casual event. The material was silk, which added a classic 1950s inspired vibe. The bling was evident and taking notice with gold strappy sandals worn with each look.


15 September 2015

"The Beauty Lab"

Beauty is perfected with the potent effect, driven by desire to create something truly envious!  There’s a skill that makeup artists like Nicole Thompson have developed in an attempt to underestimate beauty behaviour. One thing you learn through diligent people watching is that most women have a huge issue with perfecting their own makeup skills. Let’s be honest here, we are not all trained makeup artists in Italy and Paris, so chances are your makeup routine will not always be picture perfect. 

Perhaps it’s not surprising, that women on more then one occasion make the mistake of matching the wrong foundation colour to there skin tone. We have all been there and believe me it isn’t the most pleasant experience. So how do we become motivated and take the beauty world by storm? She’s the MAC-made business icon most women thank every time they put on a matte lipstick. What is the secret to beauty perfection? The motivational makeup artist shares exclusively.

8 September 2015

"Fall For Men"

Fall For Men this season has a very clear vision; luxury, provocative and cutting edge, with no boundaries. This edgy look is an inspiration for creative like-minded blokes who fancy a good spin on fashion. The opportunity to dress up a style differently; is the key element into making it work for you. You can’t be on point with your dapper attire unless you remember one important rule. What is the rule and why should you care? The way to be innovative is to bend the rules so far backwards that they end up breaking! 

Extraordinary rocker leather jackets have been around for ages and still hold their relevance in fashion today. The fall platform and creative force is how you wear the look. People always say this bold statement, “I just love this style but I don’t think I can pull it off.” You feel like shaking them and saying,” Come on man! You need to pull up your trousers and stop second-guessing yourself.” It isn’t just men who say this, women are guilty also. The good thing about fashion is the dynamic bond of diversity. What is really appealing guys is when you take risks and try something out of your comfort zone. The rocker leather jacket maybe intimidating to some, I mean we are not all Keith Richards rocking out at an electrified concert. This doesn’t mean you can’t pull of this bad boy look and still be dressed good in the process. 

Here are four ways to kick the rocker leather jacket look right into fall! 

1 September 2015

"Hello Motto"

  The underground scene inspired by Soho’s artistry vibe. This season fashion focuses on staple pieces, inspired by the urban London and chic Parisian city. The spotlight is shinning bright on this fall/winter signature piece, the biker jacket. Bad-girl fashion never dies; it just gets more refined. That’s why the one item in your wardrobe you should never over look is the motto biker jacket. 

The aggressive biker chic look has been around for years, getting wide attention with Brigitte Bardot making the leather jacket her must have accessory in the 1960s. The iconic motto jacket still smolders its latest and most elegant versatile piece to truly capture your fashion senses! It’s an investment, but one that will quickly prove its value. The secret is, to wear it correctly so it fits your most irresistible style.

22 August 2015

"Elegance With An Edge"

If you never thought fashion, style, and motivational influence mixed together would work, think again. Almond Avenue seamlessly blends the three notes into the perfect fall sleek selection. Inspired by the 90s supermodel iconic era, Iona brings this organic flavour that mists you all the way, that is satisfyingly refreshing. 

These glamorous posts begin with the freshness of pure, chic, and honesty that quickly blossoms into floral notes of rose, violet and jasmine. Then to turn up the heat of the dessert and fire up that inspiration, it leaves you with deep, warm, and spicy notes reserved only for those who love realness. Iona truly brings out the raw and non-nonsense in her very helpful articles. I really admire someone who can make a bold statement in such a classy way, while still remaining truly rebellious. This is exactly what Almond Avenue brings to the table without making any apologies. 

From jetting off to Hong Kong and China, Iona worked as a model and stylist with several renowned photographers for editorial shoots that were published in many well-known magazines. Check out this exclusive interview with Iona, who is the beauty and brains behind one of fashion’s little kept secret.

10 August 2015

"Trend Report: English Rose"

This season’s bloom is classier and splashier than ever before. The various, lifeless colours cultivated over past seasons has faded. This Fall and Winter our favourite styles are plumping for abstract, versions of the traditional romantic bloom. The “trend” dare I say is anything but short lived! Why should you love this hot colour? It is a staple hue that should defiantly be in everyone’s wardrobe.

 Is there anything prettier than an English Rose? From Burberry’s blush tones to exquisite pink diamonds, mix these paler shades for a sophisticated take on fall’s most romantic trend. Trends can sometimes be intimidating especially when you are unsure if you can even pull them off. Rest assure, The English Rose colour can fit like a glove whether you are heading to an event or just going shopping. By wearing this trend correctly anyone can pull off this look with flying colours. 

Here are a few steps to help you wear this colour accordingly and right. 

4 August 2015

"King Of The Camera"

Jeffrey Malaney has got it all. If being one of New York’s top photography talents wasn’t enough to keep him ticking over, Malaney is now the face of JMenswear Menswear+ Lifestyle in NYC: one of social medias most prestigious destinations for men’s styling, accessories, and worldly travels. 

Cool, collected and most of all, composed. Jeffrey embodies the very concept of a modern gentleman, with the distinguished persona to match. JMenswear’s following helped him cement his position as fashion’s most infamous man of the moment. 

In a city where the modern, and stylish are always competing, Malaney stands tallest and is set to be a straight shooter. A Bauchle Fashion Magazine highlight- Jeffrey reveals, his favourite fashion eras, and why he is a modernist in this best-dressed exclusive interview. 

28 July 2015

"Award Winning"

The finest fashion, chic trends escape into the city of iconic muses, and glorious warm lattes to heat up the heart. As countless cafes inspire you with people going in and out, you get a sense of charming ideas. This is what I love most about blogging. Recently I was nominated twice for the Liebster Award. What is this award you ask? It’s a fun award between bloggers that gives us a lovely opportunity to get to know each other. Wait so why should you care? Without having an accessible platform how else will you be able to discover some pulse racing new blogs. First off, I would like to thank Julie Smith and Melanie for nominating me for this award. If you haven’t checked out these two chic ladies blogs then you must. 
Here are the 10 questions I was asked by Melanie.

27 July 2015

"Denim Addict"

From season to season, we are always craving something fresh, especially as fall begins to approach. For my annual editor’s picks issue, check out the must have denim looks for the fall season. Are you a denim addict? Then you have come to the right place. The sizzling hot Express Denim “Fit for You” fall 2015 campaign takes the jean addiction to new heights. With refreshing new styles, you are just going to lose your mind over! Karlie Kloss strikes a killer pose in black tattered leggings with a rock star edge that is just lovely. What caught my eye most about these varied styles? You can easily picture yourself in every single pair.

21 July 2015

"Behind The Canvas With Charlie"

What does ‘Best Artist’ mean right now, in this colourful era of vibrant individualism and multicultural achievements? Consider one who is Buxton, Derbyshire –based and quickly becoming an expert in this current issue, whose name reflects his varied collective unique background. Charlie Goff –Deakins endures the essence of urban city art. Charlie doesn’t just paint he creates a rhythmic technique that takes his work to new heights with an electric attitude. 

What caught my eye was his vivid attention to bold colours. Capturing each emotion as if he was staring them in the eye. He knows his subject and how to pack on the romance, while adding a slight mystery element to the mix. I had the pleasure to get to know the chic artist behind the unique portraits in this fun interview.

17 July 2015

"Style On The Side"

Caroline has always loved to write so much that she decided to pursue a Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting. Being an accomplished award winner for an edited screenplay, which won awards at Barcelona, New York, and Vancouver film festivals. The care free spirit of the art world is her point of inspiration through festival and life. 

Being a world traveler doesn’t hurt either, her known influences with many cultures, architectures, and design, all over Europe makes this fashionista beaming with style. Experimenting with designing storefronts for boutique bags and accessories store in the Toronto shopping district.  

The possibilities for Caroline are endless. Evaluating the craft element of her work to achieve something amazing she decided to create a beauty and fashion blog called styleontheside. I got to know her a bit more in this worldly interview.

14 July 2015

"The Chic Dynamics Of Toby "

Want stylish editorial images with an A-list touch? Sounds like a job for upcoming fashion photographer, turned business star Toby Nguyen. I can’t count on one hand the number of model stars who rock up in a glamour cover shoot and the end result be flawless. This is precisely what makes Toby Nguyen so special. 

Fuss-free with a bold personality, he greets everyone on set with a beaming smile and seems full of creative juice. Toby brings together the grandness of originality, the artistry of emotion, and is inspired by simplicity. 

He’s a self-taught photographer, who got involved in the vivid world of high fashion, editorial, and conceptual style, when his father bought him a DSLR camera he was rearing for imaging. In this candid interview, I got to know the industries boss behind the lens in depth. Check it out on Bauchle Fashion’s report. All photography is by Toby Nguyen All Rights Reserved.

10 July 2015

What's David's Secret?

Indre for NEUE Magazine.

Whether its iconic portraiture, fashion editorial or exotic travel, David Todd McCarty blends both fantasy and authenticity to create iconic images, that evoke an emotional response. David started off his career in advertising, working as a creative director for many years. Consequently, he understands the need of art directors more then most. From passion, excitement, sadness, to being straight up quirky McCarty knows how to reflect this well in his beautiful portraits. 

At a time when photographers are often mimicking one another, photographer director David McCarty is flourishing. What is his secret? Having patience, perseverance, while creating masterpieces. Find out more in this exclusive interview where I get to know the creator behind the art.

6 July 2015

"The Glam Factor"

Chanel is not just a brand; it’s a way of life. Nothing says class, sophistication, and refined taste than owning something tres chic by the designer. The brand is timeless in its beauty, integrity, with Parisian glam, and its uncompromised distinct quality. This classic style at times can draw a much older clientele, especially when it comes to the retro Chanel suits. For the Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear accessories, Karl Lagerfeld came out swinging, blasting out a younger approach with wild nights and classy glam.

1 July 2015

"Fashion Exposed"

If you’re a flashy fashion veteran or just starting out in the industry, chances are people have type casted you as an egotistic, style obsessed, snob similar to a character from The Devil Wears Prada. We remember this film and how those outside the business at some point, overly exaggerated everyone in it. While some stereotypes maybe soaked in half-truths, more often then not, they’re usually false. Bringing you the most common myths about working in the industry, reveled.

25 June 2015

Ladies And Gents John Halls

John Halls is a former English footballer born in Islington, London, England. Halls began his fast paced career on the field with Arsenal, making three appearances in the League Cup for the “Gunners” before spending time out on Ioan at Colchester United. Halls left Wycombe in May 2012 and decided to retire and set up his own male fashion business. 

Never cracking under pressure and always having a sleek self assured smile. This is John Halls secret weapon when it comes to taking the modeling world by storm. Dashing and daring as can be, Halls shows off his wicked personality throughout his photo shoots.

 Standing 6ft, Halls defiantly looks every inch the model star. With his light brown chestnut coloured hair, and endless supply of a cool impeccable, stylish front man. Halls seems to rock this retro James Dean feel that’s contagious throughout his work. What I found most charming about Halls wasn’t just his good looks but his relaxed attitude towards the fashion industry.

 Halls is signed to 6 agencies from, Quest Model Management in New York City, Marilyn Hommes Paris, Next London, Sight Management Studio in Barcelona, 2pm Model Management in Copenhagen, Next LA in Los Angeles.

 Check out this fun exclusive interview, where I got to know the man behind the covers a little better.

22 June 2015

Très Belle Secrets

From the era of Chanel to now, French women have become famous for having this divine beauty that is both natural and effortless without appearing underdone. The question most people are asking themselves is how do they strike that balance between not trying to hard and looking tres chic? The answer is in these fun beauty routines that anyone can indulge in. While some French women find it boring to disclose beauty regimens in public, a big part of attaining that certain look is found in the way they approach skin and hair care that is accented by their mums beauty legacies. Here are a few rules to live by to get that easy yet chic look.


17 June 2015

Dangerously Chic with Kasia

Kasia Brzozowska is a fashionista in her own right. She showcases her wicked sense of street style in her blog simply titled Be classy

What I noticed most about her was she loved to share her beauty fixes and gorgeous fashion finds. Needing inspiration for a cold winter rain? 

Her fur vest post has just what you need. The killer leather like trousers is a staple piece every girl needs in her wardrobe. Get to know the fashion forward blogger a bit better in this fun interview.


7 June 2015

Banging Style

Let’s face it bangs are chic! They are also the quickest way to switch up your entire look while adding an instant shot of effortless style. Bangs are not just one-style fits all cut. They should be tailored to flatter your face shape as well as suit your lifestyle, so getting them to look fab each morning takes minimal effort. Bangs are the quickest most effective way to change your face shape. They have become very popular thanks to the 1970s trend this season and throughout the summer. In order to pick the best type of bangs for you, first figure out your face shape.

29 May 2015

Denim Awards

As an active shopper you spend your day trying on at least 400 pairs of jeans to see which is the best fit for you. The problem is when you are a taller girl finding the perfect jean can be a massive struggle. Retailer’s seem to think 31 and 32 inseams is the magic number for tall girls this isn’t even close. 

For girls that are 5’9 and above the inseam needs to be 33 and up to work especially when you have longer legs. A longer jean is the most difficult to find and when you do come across one, its normally more expensive. It can be very frustrating for girls who desire to look chic without breaking the bank. Taller girls don’t have to worry anymore; Bauchle Fashion has found the top 4 best places to shop for longer length denim jeans.

26 May 2015

Have A Kissy Fit

Strong, sophisticated, and oh so glamorous this is the power of kissy face lipstick. It’s our secret weapon for instant hotness. Whether you wear these colours with a bold dress or just some skinny jeans, getting the perfect application has never been so easy. From the expert’s corner, here are some fun steps to make sure your lipstick looks its best all day.

22 May 2015

Decoding The Science Of Beauty

Decoding the science of beauty is easier when you have these simple beauty solutions. The beauty trend report suggests not following every beauty obsession because not all are created equal. Why do we even wear makeup? The science is more of an intuition when it comes to our face. Our creativity side naturally comes out like an artist painting a blank canvas. So what is the true purpose of this? Its simple; we take our natural features and enhance them with beauty tools. Here are four makeup artists who know how to wear these styles right.


17 May 2015

Bronzed Brilliance

Style star KarlieKloss shows every fashionista how its done in this posh editorial for Glamour Magazine France June 2015. 

10 May 2015

Fashion Confidential

Fashion Confidential fearless approach to style when getting dressed, no super high heels required. Most women like to seem taller in heels this gives off a confidence everyone wants to possess. Did you know even taller women still like to wear heels so they can rise above the crowd. A heel says sex appeal and makes you feel more powerful. What people don’t realize is a super high heel can actually make you look much shorter.

The cons of having a super high heel is they not only make your height downgraded but they can be awfully uncomfortable. Have no fear ladies, you can still be a vixen in much shorter heels that will not kill your feet. Lower heels elongate your legs and make you look taller plus they are so comfy.

4 May 2015

Chasing The Light

A while ago I came across amazing images taken by photographer Simon, a London-based photographer with an addiction for shooting intimate moments in the city. I felt so pleased to have the pleasure of interviewing the man behind the b&w city photography. If you would like to get to know Simon a bit better, check out the interview below and wallow in the beauty of these amazing images.

27 April 2015

Mastering The Red Pout!

For this season the hottest new trend for Spring/Summer 2015 is red lips. The biggest challenge to some is mastering the red pout. Even when you stare at the mirror hoping your look will end up being old Hollywood glam, it ends up a complete disaster. The magic to getting those flirty sexy lips is to identify what shade of rouge works for you. Not all reds are created equal so before you purchase a red lipstick, here is some helpful advice. Know what your skin undertone is, if you have a darker skin then your more of a warmer undertone. If you are paler then you identify with having a cooler undertone.

For awhile, the pros at fashion week were not using red lipstick, it wasn’t until Mac’s Ruby Woo went from being a secret of the brand’s vast collection, to the best selling, sold out, must have that it is today. I mention this brand because it’s absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a truer red then Ruby Woo by MAC is the lipstick for you. It comes as a matte finish and can really show off a sensual red pout. This lipstick lasts for up to 8 hours on your lips. If you want to have it last even longer, use a lip pencil first then apply the lipstick, you will be ready for a Hollywood close up in no time. Important fact, this lipstick can be drying on the lips so defiantly moisturize your lips before you apply the lipstick.

6 April 2015

Charlie Goff-Deakins Latest Project

Charlie Goff-Deakins Art is a very creative artist from Buxton UK. He paints lovely portraits of celebrities and people with real emotion his work is effortless. His latest project was on “Selective Attention Series”. 

15 February 2015

"Shine All The Way"

Sequence isn’t just for nighttime events anymore. Who says you can’t go from night to day in seconds? Here are some easy tips you can follow without compromising your shine. One glittery item no girl can live without is a sequence skirt. Whether your skirt is long or short you can’t go wrong with a pencil. How do you style such a dressy item? The easiest way to dress a gold or silver skirt is with a graphic t-shirt. Not just any graphic will do. If your skirt is silver, then you can wear a grey shirt with a phrase like tres chic or holly chic. Try wearing a solid colour with your skirt. The rest of your look should be neutral since you want your skirt to be your statement piece

For jewelry it’s always best to try and not be too flashy. Remember to always showcase the skirt. Try wearing stud earrings, and one bracelet, or even a watch.
 Another hot item is a sequence jacket. Try gold, I know that sounds a little bold and maybe even scary but don’t be intimidated.  When styled just right it can be a fun city look for work, school, or even just a day out.  Try a graphic t-shirt once more this can really set you apart from others in the street. You can wear this fun jacket with shorts, a skirt, or skinny jeans.

Black is traditional and is a good choice, and if you wish to be braver, try a bold colour like royal blue or red skinny jeans or pants.  Shoes in a nude or black heel, or a nice ankle boot can look amazing with this look.  If you want to go Milano, may I suggest a gold dress? Wait, isn’t a gold dress more appropriate for a cocktail event? No, and believe it or not, places like Milan actually welcome this look. Dressy is what you will see, and that’s during the day! You don’t have to be heading to a red carpet to stun in the best shades of gold or silver.



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