"Skin Care Tips"

How do I maintain good skin? So many new products come out on the market. And there are so many different types it is hard to know which one to purchase.
Women often wonder if this is the one to help, the amazing product that will help their skin become more vibrant or even beautiful?

Ask yourself a question before you buy any skin care product. What kind of skin do I have? Is it dry, oily, or acne prone? Or is it a combination of both. Once you have answered that question, you can figure out the best skin care regimen for good skin that fits you. Always remember your body is your temple but your skin is your pallet and it’s important to maintain it. Some people are not aware that a big percent of skin care products on the market contain benzyl peroxide. This particular ingredient, can in fact, irritate your skin and make it look worse.

It is wise for those of us with sensitive skin to use products without benzyl peroxide, or alcohol.
I highly recommend CeraVe, a hydrating cleanser for dry, to normal skin, and kind to sensitive skin. This cleanser hydrates your skin as it cleanses and actually restores the natural PH of your skin. CeraVe comes in different skin types so if you have normal or combination and sensitive skin, there is a product for you.

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Go to www.cerave.com for more details and where you can purchase this cleanser. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire