Decoding The Science Of Beauty

Decoding the science of beauty is easier when you have these simple beauty solutions. The beauty trend report suggests not following every beauty obsession because not all are created equal. Why do we even wear makeup? The science is more of an intuition when it comes to our face. Our creativity side naturally comes out like an artist painting a blank canvas. So what is the true purpose of this? Its simple; we take our natural features and enhance them with beauty tools. Here are four makeup artists who know how to wear these styles right.

Hannah Murray of TopShop explains how to wear the 1970s trend. Get the look: ‘Opt for soft edges and blurred colours to offset the bold clothes. Forgoing mascara also gives the look an easy feel. First, use your fingers to pat on lipstick try TopShop Lipsin Rio Rio for a throwback look.

 Bobbi Brown on getting the look: ‘I always love the juxtaposition of a clean, glossy face with a bold, intricate outfit. Layer a touch of lip-gloss over a neutral, long-wearing cream eye shadow and use extra gloss to dab over your cheeks as a fresh alternative to your regular highlighting and contouring kit.’

 For straight sex appeal, Terry Barber for MAC knows first hand how to get this look: ‘This is a modern take on the 1970s luxury. It’s sun kissed skin with chocolate brown smoky eye shadow in what I call a “blend and stretch” shape on the eye, as its blended around the socket with a buffing brush and elongated at the edge.

 For a different approach, Wendy Rowe for Burberry tells us how to get the look: ‘Give a classic make-up style a modern twist with two updates. Firstly, update your red lip by scribbling a lip pencil over the lipstick at the edge, leaving your lips with a softer outline. Pair with a chocolate brown mascara-it’s a subtle alternative to black and defines the eye just as well’. Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red is perfect choice to achieve this hot look.

One thing all these beauty experts can agree on is, it’s all about the mattes. Lately the most popular type of lipstick is a matte finish. It not only lasts for hours but it can be worn in so many versatile ways. 
Be brave and try these makeup ideas out for yourself. For more beauty and style tips, follow my blog at for more information. 

Photography Marie Claire

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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