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As an active shopper you spend your day trying on at least 400 pairs of jeans to see which is the best fit for you. The problem is when you are a taller girl finding the perfect jean can be a massive struggle. Retailer’s seem to think 31 and 32 inseams is the magic number for tall girls this isn’t even close. 

For girls that are 5’9 and above the inseam needs to be 33 and up to work especially when you have longer legs. A longer jean is the most difficult to find and when you do come across one, its normally more expensive. It can be very frustrating for girls who desire to look chic without breaking the bank. Taller girls don’t have to worry anymore; Bauchle Fashion has found the top 4 best places to shop for longer length denim jeans.

(1. The fashion giant H&M has longer jeans including 34 inseams, this makes you want to sing like a nutter on the street! They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of washes and lengths for your preference. Another really great thing about H&M is besides being fashion forward in their designs; they always have promo codes and coupons to use.

(2. Topshop is perfect for us tall ladies since they have a tall section on their website. Ranging from dresses, blouses, jeans, jackets, no one cares for a short dress if it doesn’t fit your frame correctly. The taller section is made to measure for the best fit possible and is very popular. Many times the taller skinny jeans sell out fairly quickly so make sure you buy them up while you can.

(3. UrbanOutfitters is one of the best places to purchase a pair of longer length jeans. For those of you who wish for the skinniest fit try the Twig style, like cigarette pants they hug your body in all the right areas and keep you looking fashionable. Your legs look so much longer in these jeans .The quality of the jeans is excellent with nice fabrics and a range of styles and colours to pick from you can’t go wrong here. The best way to get a good deal is to buy the jeans when Urban Outfitters is throwing a sale.

(4. ASOS is very popular in the fashion world similar to Topshop they offer a taller section with very trendy choices. What I love about ASOS is they have a catwalk video below each item so you can see how the garment looks on a live model. ASOS is very popular worldwide with the most awesome clothes they have a variety of shoes and accessories to pick from.  
A stylish celebrity who has some of the best fashion and longer length jeans in a pricier category is Gisele Bundchen. Her jeans are normally from Rag&Bone the styles are city forward. If you would like to spend a little more money then this is another lovely option for you. 

See glamazons we are not in complete despair where there is a will a way is possible, being tall isn’t a curse but a blessing. Hooray for great finds ladies! Now let’s go shopping since this season the hottest trend is denim. 

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Written by Heather Lisa Noire

Love these jeans? Find out where you can grab a supermodels jean. Rag&Bone is defiantly fashionable and Harrods is another high-end place to snag jeans.