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Fashion Confidential fearless approach to style when getting dressed, no super high heels required. Most women like to seem taller in heels this gives off a confidence everyone wants to possess. Did you know even taller women still like to wear heels so they can rise above the crowd. A heel says sex appeal and makes you feel more powerful. What people don’t realize is a super high heel can actually make you look much shorter.

The cons of having a super high heel is they not only make your height downgraded but they can be awfully uncomfortable. Have no fear ladies, you can still be a vixen in much shorter heels that will not kill your feet. Lower heels elongate your legs and make you look taller plus they are so comfy.

The best way to dress a low heel is by wearing skinny jeans or leggings. This can showcase your height while making your legs seem longer. Try paring a short ankle boot with a floral dress or short skirt this can give you more depth. The hottest styles from the catwalk are much lower heels to flats. Chanel is just one of the designers who prefers to show off the clothes without worrying about height.

Wedges are defiantly a consumer favorite and give you much needed support but still being chic. Check out these stylish shorter heels for this summer’s roaring season. 

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