Have A Kissy Fit

Strong, sophisticated, and oh so glamorous this is the power of kissy face lipstick. It’s our secret weapon for instant hotness. Whether you wear these colours with a bold dress or just some skinny jeans, getting the perfect application has never been so easy. From the expert’s corner, here are some fun steps to make sure your lipstick looks its best all day.

 To start, make sure your lips are well moisturized. If they’re feeling a little dry, apply a small dab of lip balm, but not too much! Blot away any access moisture. Apply a thin layer of concealer to your lips. If you don’t have concealer, try using an eye shadow in neutral it has the same effect. Why is this important? It acts as a primer for lip colour and makes it stay on much longer.

 Now for the fun part, grab your favorite matte pink, red, plum lipstick. For The Glamazon Pink look, Pink Nouveau by MAC is the perfect hot shimmering shade. It’s so sexy and when worn with a lighter makeup can defiantly give off a romantic side.
 For a more wearable red lip, look no further then Lady Danger by MAC. The name alone says it all, a girl wearing this will defiantly be kissed. The colour is pigmented but can also be built up as desired.

 For The Fierce Fashion Lip, Heroine by MAC is the best plum lipstick on the market. Extreme colours shouldn’t be scary, be brave and make your lips stand out. Create a bold statement with a chic flawless application. For every fashionista this lipstick is perfect for you and goes with everything. These formulas tend to last much longer on the lips and stay true to colour.

If you don’t have a lip liner use a lip brush, paint the outline of the upper lip. Step back and make sure the lines are symmetrical. Once even fill in the upper lip with short, steady brushstrokes of colour, staying within the line you’ve established.

Then, fill in the lower lip in the same manner, steering clear of the outer line. Resist the urge to press your lips together at this stage. Now for defining the outline of the lower lip: open your mouth, you want to be able to reach the inside corners, paint an outline along the lower lip. If you missed any spots its important to fill them in. If any mistakes occur simply use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, or if your line is looking a bit crooked, use concealer to make any corrections for a sharper line.

The perfect glam lips are all yours and can be worn with naked makeup for a truly modern look. Voila! Va-va voom perfected lips Enjoy! For more beauty, and style tips follow my blog at bauchlefashion.com

Photography Marie Claire UK

Written by Heather Lisa Noire



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  3. Love this post, great instructions for a perfect pout :D