Banging Style

Let’s face it bangs are chic! They are also the quickest way to switch up your entire look while adding an instant shot of effortless style. Bangs are not just one-style fits all cut. They should be tailored to flatter your face shape as well as suit your lifestyle, so getting them to look fab each morning takes minimal effort. Bangs are the quickest most effective way to change your face shape. They have become very popular thanks to the 1970s trend this season and throughout the summer. In order to pick the best type of bangs for you, first figure out your face shape.

For an oval face, bangs should be short in the center and long on the sides, similar to Dakota Johnsons, to highlight the face shape. In Johnson’s case, her forehead is slightly elongated and bangs help to minimize the length, hiding the actual hairline and making your hair appear to have more volume while adding instant thickness. For Dakota her style of bang gives off this timeless elegance with a French twist.

 A heart shaped face is wider on top and narrower at the bottom similar to Behati Prinsloo. Get your shag on with a shaggy retro fringe; this is ideal for a heart shaped face. If you essentially shade out the top two corners of the face where it is the widest with a side swept bang, and then add some face framing layers on each side of the jaw, you’re left with an oval. It is very flattering and gives off this cool bohemian vibe with a modern city look.

The most frustrating question is how the hell do you style these things? It is easier than you think did you know dry shampoo could be your bangs best friend? Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil since bangs are part of the hair we touch most and retain oil from fingers, moisturizer, and makeup; it keeps them from frizzing out.

Most importantly, train your fringe to go in a desired direction. When styling wet, comb down the bangs while blasting the root of the hair with a blow dryer. Everyone has a different hairline but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment to see what tricks work best for you. The benefit of having bangs far outweighs the work you have to put into them. This summer all you need is a good shag to kick your hair into instant shape. 

Dazzle your hair with Boho bangs this summer and keep on having banging style ladies. 

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Written by Heather Lisa Noire


  1. I used to have bangs and I definitely miss them!


  2. Jackelyni Reis9 June 2015 at 12:49

    I loved this post! I love bangs but I think I get so young I feel like I have 12 years old ahhaha =( Amazing pics!!



    PINK Empowerment

  3. Yes , I got bangs cut and they have been growing out . I miss having them also they really do change your whole look. :-) x

  4. Thanks Jacky, I think you would look great with bangs. I got bold cut only issue is it takes awhile to grow out . Have a lovely week gorgeous xx

  5. France Dejonckheere11 June 2015 at 14:11

    I love this hairstyle! I wish I could do it but with my small forehead it's hopeless hahaha

  6. I think if you get a particular bang that isn't to severe it could work for you :-)

  7. I think if you get a bang that isn't to severe it could work for you :-)