Très Belle Secrets

From the era of Chanel to now, French women have become famous for having this divine beauty that is both natural and effortless without appearing underdone. The question most people are asking themselves is how do they strike that balance between not trying to hard and looking tres chic? The answer is in these fun beauty routines that anyone can indulge in. While some French women find it boring to disclose beauty regimens in public, a big part of attaining that certain look is found in the way they approach skin and hair care that is accented by their mums beauty legacies. Here are a few rules to live by to get that easy yet chic look.

Moisturize: then moisturize a lot, Go into any French pharmacy; instead of being confronted with over the counter ear, nose, and throat medicines; you’ll find a remarkable selection of skin hydrators. Rimmel London’s good to glow is perfect for a healthy look to the skin. Wear it on its own or over lightweight foundation. Just like their mums before them, today’s French girls use these creams with the elegance to nourish the skin and help it look more glowing. They often reach for rich formals to sculpt and provided needed hydration for that touchable smooth skin.

 Seek All In One Oils: Using dry oils to nourish limbs, cuticles, and hair, has long been a staple in French culture. These formals don’t feel sticky and are known to give off that healthy body glow without the skin aging tan.

 Keep Imperfectly Coiffed: Many French women are not compelled to spend hours in front of the mirror, attempting to pull up their hair into a perfectly coiffed do, Instead a more casual approach. Notice that French girls frequently rock their hair in a messier look. The key to getting this look is how often you wash your hair.

 Capitalizing on the third day hair, ask a French girl how often she washes her hair. Most don’t reach for shampoo everyday because washing the hair day after day can actually strip the natural oils; many girls soak the hair a few times a week. This creates hair that’s less slippery and better holds that slightly disheveled shape.
 This season the hottest look is Parisian Effortless. 

Photography Vogue Paris

Written by Heather Lisa Noire