"Award Winning"

The finest fashion, chic trends escape into the city of iconic muses, and glorious warm lattes to heat up the heart. As countless cafes inspire you with people going in and out, you get a sense of charming ideas. This is what I love most about blogging. Recently I was nominated twice for the Liebster Award. What is this award you ask? It’s a fun award between bloggers that gives us a lovely opportunity to get to know each other. Wait so why should you care? Without having an accessible platform how else will you be able to discover some pulse racing new blogs. First off, I would like to thank Julie Smith and Melanie for nominating me for this award. If you haven’t checked out these two chic ladies blogs then you must. 
Here are the 10 questions I was asked by Melanie.

 Melanie (D&D) What got you into blogging?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Being chic comes natural to me. I have been asked many times where do you get your clothes? One day I decided to start blogging mainly for people who need styling or beauty advice. I consider myself a fashion encyclopedia. 

Melanie (D&D) What’s your profession besides blogging? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I’m a student at the university, writer, creative artist, and model.

 Melanie (D&D) What’s your biggest fashion struggle when dressing to work? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Most likely, remembering to bring my hat if it’s cold outside. Sometimes when you are having a hectic morning you forget the most important accessories. 

Melanie (D&D) What’s your favorite (motivational) quote?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) “Don’t be the same, be better.” 

Melanie (D&D) What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) It would have to be my vintage lace up black boots from Steve Madden! I wear those lovelies practically every single day. 

Melanie (D&D) What are you struggling with as a blogger?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Figuring out how you get popular on Tumblr. I have an easier time with Twitter and Instagram, which I prefer.

 Melanie (D&D) What’s your favorite drink? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Pomegranate martini! 

Melanie (D&D) Is there any blog you read on a daily basis?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I love to read everyone’s blogs I follow. I cant name just one.

 Melanie (D&D) What’s your favorite online shop?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I love to buy from Urban Outfitters UK.

 Melanie (D&D) What would you wear for your first day at a new job?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) A fitted pair of black cigarette trousers, mauve v-neck blouse, and a tailored leather suit blazer with the sleeves pushed up. For shoes you have to pair this look with black fashionable ankle boots. 

Here are Julie’s questions answered. 

Julie Smith (TLF) What’s your favourite clothing item and why?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) My favourite clothing item has to be my skinny jeans. I have an obsession with them since they really flatter any style.

 Julie Smith (TLF) Where did you get your inspiration for blogging? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I get inspiration from people quite often. What your passionate about can creatively inspire you to blog.

 Julie Smith (TLF) Which style icon would you love to meet and why? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I would love to meet Coco Chanel herself. How she started in the industry is amazing, it be lovely to get inside her creative mind.

 Julie Smith (TLF) Who’s your favourite designer? 

 Julie Smith (TLF) What defines fashion to you?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Fashion is an attitude and a state of mind. Fashion to me is the heartbeat of people vivid in the city.

 Julie Smith (TLF) Who’s your favourite musician? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) If I had to pick one it has to be Robin Thicke. 

Julie Smith (TLF) Do you have a favourite blog? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) They All Hate Us I love the street fashions on this blog.

 Julie Smith (TLF) If you could go back in time, where would you go?

 Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Defiantly, the 1960’s since I love the mode era.

 Julie Smith (TLF) What’s your dream vacation? 

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) I would love to go to Milan.

Julie Smith (TLF) Your favourite colour? 

Heather LisaNoire (BF) Burgundy. 

Thanks so much for reading. Here are the blogs I have nominated for this award!

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Here are the questions for you to answer! 
1) What is your greatest fear? 
2) Who inspires you ? 
3) Do you love sales or paying full price? 
4) Favourite food? 
5) Off the rack or designer? 
6) Best TV show? 
7) Define style? 
8) Do you believe in trends? 
9) Hot or Cold? 
10) What song best describes you?