"Fashion Exposed"

If you’re a flashy fashion veteran or just starting out in the industry, chances are people have type casted you as an egotistic, style obsessed, snob similar to a character from The Devil Wears Prada. We remember this film and how those outside the business at some point, overly exaggerated everyone in it. While some stereotypes maybe soaked in half-truths, more often then not, they’re usually false. Bringing you the most common myths about working in the industry, reveled.

1) If you work in fashion, then you must know how to make clothing. When you tell someone you work in the industry, the first response is always, “Well you must be a designer! I can’t wait to wear and see your collection.” This may sound exciting in theory but it is far from the truth. The fashion industry as a whole is a business; there are many career options available, from PR, becoming a buyer, marketing, to editorial, styling or tech, plus so much more. The majority doesn’t actually create the clothes though.

 2) Fashion Week is one glorious, fun party. While social media might make this event look like a fun time with front row celebrity sighting, red carpet events, crazy after parties and street style looks, there’s actually a lot of behind the scenes hard work that goes into Fashion Week. The annual events involve a lot of running, hectic scenes, and not a lot of sleep. A lot of good comes out of the work though; with a little bit of Champaign and grand celebrations this does go on cheers!

3) Everyone in fashion is a B*tch! The myth that everyone in the fashion industry is too obnoxious to handle has stood its test of time. Like any other industry, catty people will always be not that far from you. Just because we are well dressed and know how to rock the best heels, doesn’t mean we are out for blood. The industry is petite and most of the people in it are colleagues or friends.

4) Fashion people don’t eat. This is simply false information. It is true we are thinner and eat healthy but this doesn’t automatically mean we all go on extreme liquid diets. Nutrition is vastly important in life and for the soul so we defiantly make sure we leave room for that vanilla cheesecake slice. Plus, we are always on the hunt for the chicest new places to eat.

 5) Everyone only wears head to toe pricy, designer duds. If anyone can appreciate a good fashion find at H&M and Zara, its fashion people.

 6) We spend our day shopping and never wear flats. Shopping all day is something you defiantly don’t do unless you are a personal shopper. Flats can be the best accessories when it comes to walking around in the offices all day. What most models tend to do after long shoots is slip into some comfy flats to wear. This can be heaven for your poor throbbing feet.

7) We spend most of our time at parties, dinners and events. Fashion insiders may make appearances at social scenes, sharing the fun events they attend on social media. This is just part of the job, we work around the clock meaning we are still plugged in at these after hours events.

8) We want to give everyone a “Fashion Makeover”. This can sound fun, oh whole new you right? Well this isn’t something we desire to do. Unless you are a stylist or fashion consultant, chances are you won't see a dramatic makeover moment. Sorry morning TV shows, you mislead people. Working in fashion doesn’t automatically turn us into stylists and personal shoppers for our friends and family. 

Some people in the industry can be surrounded by the most influential people and have absolutely zero taste. This happens quite often especially when it comes to thinking you’re on point, when your style is actually just plain boring. As for our age of embracing ones personal style, it is all about individuality so keep strutting your stuff fashionistas. 

Photography Vogue, Wireimage 

Written By Heather Lisa Noire