"Trend Report: English Rose"

This season’s bloom is classier and splashier than ever before. The various, lifeless colours cultivated over past seasons has faded. This Fall and Winter our favourite styles are plumping for abstract, versions of the traditional romantic bloom. The “trend” dare I say is anything but short lived! Why should you love this hot colour? It is a staple hue that should defiantly be in everyone’s wardrobe.

 Is there anything prettier than an English Rose? From Burberry’s blush tones to exquisite pink diamonds, mix these paler shades for a sophisticated take on fall’s most romantic trend. Trends can sometimes be intimidating especially when you are unsure if you can even pull them off. Rest assure, The English Rose colour can fit like a glove whether you are heading to an event or just going shopping. By wearing this trend correctly anyone can pull off this look with flying colours. 

Here are a few steps to help you wear this colour accordingly and right. 

1) Match Light: A mini dress is just one example of how light blush tones are currently shedding their naïve appeal. The larger then life whirling flow resembling a rose blossom looks both sexy and artsy when paired with a light floral pinkish blazer. This look can appeal to practically anyone and for an important event or heading out for brunch. 

2) Retro Bold: The city paint- by- numbers hot scenes in the city are taking the appeal of past eras outside the ditzy dress code they’ve been rooted in for endless winters, and into the realms come creative dressing with a feminine edge. If you really wish to have the spotlight, throw on an oversized fluffy blush sweater. This simple separate designed to transcend seasons can shock the finest fabrics, rival up this look with cigarette leather leggings to achieve a luxurious rocker finish. Not only will this style keep you warm and snug, this statement piece can be incredibly fashionable for a day out shopping or catching a taxi. Can anyone pull this look off? Yes it doesn’t matter what your hair type is or your tone, when dressed correctly this sweater can be incredibly chic. 

3) Glamazon: Attending a specialized rare artisan- design event? You need something charming to turn heads. Entice the room and turn up the heat in a dazzling rose pink fur jacket. Nothing says that’s class, then a woman in pink rose. Keep your entire outfit simple so the spotlight is shinning bright on your jacket. 

4) Coated: When in doubt throw on a coat and go! Not everyone can be bothered dressing up. If you are more on the casual end then wearing a ballerina coat is perfect to suit your style. Wear this coat when temperatures dip over relaxed skinny jeans. Keep your makeup simple and natural with this look. This coat technique style has a rare fashionable attitude. 

5) Violet’s Taking Over: Individuality is key this fall with tougher expectations. Heading to the darker side is always an interesting choice. Not only is this a good idea but also mixed with cocktail hues and darker fabric your look will be street style worthy. The leather boots and skirt adds mystery and biker with a Parisian twist. Instead of matching your belt to your shoes as the old saying goes, instead match your sporting sunglasses with your washed out t-shirt. If you admire this look and wonder how do I dress it right? Know that any age can pull this off. If you are shy then break out of your shell and always remember leather is a must. 

6) Hopeless Romantic: For those of you, who wear your heart on your sleeve, try a pink poppy pattern dress. This power pink dress is both playful and rebellious. The next step is flaunting this dress and being swept off your feet! Fashionable Tip, keep this look simple and don’t over complicate the colour mixing. The tall, dark, and incredibly handsome mystery man who caught your eye doesn’t find it incredibly attractive if you clown up your look. He can’t stop starring, flick him a charming smile while wearing Audrey Hepburn inspired sunglasses to really make this look come together. 

So are you the matching typeretro boldglamazon babecoatedviolet takeover, or maybe a hopeless romantic? Marvel at girls who look natural in a fall setting, idolize each hour in the winter, the styles seem to grow even hotter and prettier in person. In this week’s trend report, don’t forget to fall head over heals and madly in love with The English Rose iconic colour.

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