"Midnight Masquerade"

In a blink of an eye, Christmas has come and gone. All your gifts have been torn open and all the stress of the season and jolly festive films has faded. How do you get over the end of Christmas blues? You plan for an event even bigger then Christmas could ever wrap up! I am talking about New Years Eve! New Years is the time for you to get creative and themed events are very popular this year. If you are the adventurous type and wish to go all out glam and mysterious then try ‘Midnight Masquerade’ New Years themed event! 

You know that age-old dilemma: how do you cram everything into one tiny, don’t-lose-my head small amount of days for a fun night out? I’ve found the answer. You buy into the retro masquerade trend. Seriously, planning your party night doesn’t have to be rocket science it is easier then it may seem. Most party dress codes come in two distinct flavours: low key and sultry or high key and sexy. Whether you want to smolder in the corner or stand out on the dance floor, this midnight guide has got you covered. 

The Deep V: Sexy, Strong, And Extravagant. That’s the deep, deep V; trends that will inveigle its way into every party this season and quite possibly create a few gasps along the way. And that’s a good thing trust me. Look for Vs where the point sits just above the chest.

 Sparkles: Sparkles work for all ages and all shapes –it’s just about getting the colour and placement right. And silver is far more gorgeous than gold. 

Cool Mask: The best part about a masquerade party is no one knows who you are, your simply a Hollywood mystery with a touch of demure. Like nothing else, it’s all in the stunning shape. You can even try a bold lip for instant sex appeal. When it comes to the fabric of the mask, try a unique pattern like lace or leather to really give your face some depth. There really is something so seductive about the mysterious windows to the soul.


Sequins: Sequins have got a chic rep over the years. They’ve been the domain of glitz and timeless glamour for evenings out, to playing them up for a daytime brunch affair. Sequins (known to the fashion pack as palettes) suit all body shapes-as long as you find the one that shines so bright it captivates the eye, you will be ready to rock the night away. Sequins in midnight and metallic hues shimmer with every step. These dresses are more then statement makers-their pure fireworks. 

Location is key when it comes to your star studded event, so make sure you pick out a fabulous hotel with a view or a good friends place for your grand party. 

You can’t have a one stop party shop without a hot drink remix recipe. Frozen Ideas: “Freeze Berries” Berries (The choice is yours) Glass of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial “Ice Cube Fruit” Fruit (The choice is yours) Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial “Preparation” 

1) Freeze your favourite berries, such as grapes, strawberries, or raspberries.

 2) Drop into your glass of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial. 

3) Enjoy as they slowly dissolve into the Champaign and infuse it with the crisp exclusive taste of fruit. Add colour and creativity and surprise to your glass of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial!

 January opens with the promise of a new beginning: The chances to renew our focus, reboot our routines, and maybe even reinvent ourselves a little. Sounds like a cause for celebration to me. 

Here’s to a beautiful and sexy 2016! Happy New Year!

Photography W Magazine, Pinterest 

 Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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