"The Art Of Desire"

Get ready for an enchanted evening. Play it cool and collected this holiday with the must have gift of the season! Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme perfume can only be described as an old fashioned and mysterious odor that puts you under its spell with the inability to resist it’s mystic charm. Even though this cologne is strictly for a man, women can also get away with dawning this amazing scent. The smell lingers as you practically here a jazzy piano playing rapidly in the background. Black bold cherry with a hint of vanilla is defiantly the scent that runs through your mind, when you first smell this dream of a fragrance. I would recommend this cologne to anyone who is doing last minute Christmas shopping!

 The festive attraction is alive through this hypnotic sensation, your so addicted to the glimmering fragrance you can’t stop smelling it. Feeling like your transported to a dark underground night club, you take a sip of burgundy wine and notice a hidden sense of sex appeal, you never knew you could possess naturally. There’s something intimate and seductive about a gorgeous perfume on a man, why not be equally as desired with Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme. You will be the life of the party and smell like a luscious temptress of class. Let the bad girl of the night shine through and tempt every spotlight you see.

 Ford’s cologne is perfect for any moment you just want to be your true chic self. It is one spicy fragrance with an airless scent and at first glance, it smells like a sharp mans aroma but when you breath in the berry and vanilla scent, you can tell the cologne is like a goddess’s fragrance. This perfume will have the man in your life falling to your feet! You will not be disappointed when you let your glitz style come out to play. Such warm and burning desires with this golden elegant treasure. Warning not for the faint of heart! 

Go bold with eyes done up in deep smoky hues, and lips in relaxed tones that lead the way for a night of unexpected thrills. It has a calm and confident scent that will grab attention at first smell. The magic is in the deep darkness of the night, be bad and don’t regret any second of it. Let’s have some fun! What do you think of this fragrance, is it too edgy for your comfort zone? 

Photography Tom Ford    
Written by Heather Lisa Noire    TOM FORD NOIR