5 November 2015

"Classic Elegance"

Art is not about the lack of control-in fact; it’s the complete opposite. There are very specific boundaries. Being able to express and understand emotion through what you wear is incredibly healthy to the design of appearance. The need for functionality has given men the liberation to dress in a way that serves their needs, both fast paced and expressive. Our desire for function has also led to the transformation into luxury articles. In particular, the waxed cotton canvas Belstaff jacket has gone from outdoor, motto gear to de rigueur piece of outerwear in the city, replacing the traditional rain coat seen on the streets at men’s fashion week.

 Speaking of style, you can’t ignore the dramatic moments clients have when embodying great characters converted into style icons. What is the secret to their success in the design industry? Are they just natural born gents? The answer lies with Joe Ottaway, a forward thinking stylist, writer, creator and overall men’s fashion guru, Joe introduces A-list celebrities, into the world of new age men’s fashion. “Sometimes the style conscious man of today can benefit from a little help, guidance and a few steps.” The men’s industry is represented in a somewhat one-dimensional, unapproachable and pretentious way. With Joe’s guidance, he is willing to break those barriers and misconceptions down for the stylish man of today. The charming interview includes, amazing photos compiled from Joe’s impressive portfolio. 




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