12 November 2015

"The Night Is Young"

Looking for your next party hair and beauty combo? The face of Rimmel London, Georgia May Jagger, has some ideas. Adding a start struck statement earring doesn’t hurt either! Georgia May Jagger learned her night out beauty routine from the best. “My mum (model Jerry Hall) loves experimenting with makeup, changing her face in different ways,” says Jagger, 23. “She has a face that’s so good with makeup, you know?” When Jagger gets ready for a glamour’s night out, home in London, she has a gorgeous and easy routine: “Play some Wu-Tang, pour a glass of wine, and sit in front of the mirror with all my makeup.” Her new tip, she says, is applying powder shadow on eyes, and then putting lip balm on top. “It makes the creamiest eye shadow,” she says. Want to get her style for yourself? Check out how to rock this party look right here! Get the London Look.



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