"Fashion Forecast Addictions"

They say fashion favours the bold. But the way I see it, fashion favours the forward thinking. In an increasingly fast-paced, instant gratification kind of world, it takes a lot to truly impress. There are short-lived trends that come and go, and then there are innovations with staying power that fundamentally change how we see a common garment or accessory in a new broader light. What we wear can showcase a inside glimpse into how we live our lives each day. From universal culture shifts that has impacted us globally in our latest treasure novelties. It can be a delight in finding out what the next best thing might be, and not just what everyone will be talking about the next day, but what is being created that will revolutionize the way we dress when we step out into the city. 

The alarm goes off, you get this vast sensation of wanting to hit the snooze button but you hesitate. You check the weather apps and notice the season feels a tad cooler and crisp, as if December hasn’t left and has lingered on for seconds of chill! You grab a coat and run out the door…welcome to our winter morning routine! The fashion forecast, a cold snap with a 100 percent chance of chic, thanks to some must have items for January 2016!
                                                                    For Windy Mornings: 
                                  A COZY CHIC COVER-UP
A cozy chic cover-up A fur collar that has such luxe appeal, belted waist to simulate a smaller waist and wool soft fabrication are just a few of the reasons to get wrapped up in this timeless coat on breezy days. Pair this coat with leather skinny leggings for an edgy look that will never go out of style. It’s the silhouette of everyday indulgence. 

                                                                                  For Cloudy Days: 
                                           A MODERN MOTO

Fact: a leather motorcycle-style jacket is essential in being part of every stylish girls wardrobe. This mainstay is made for transitioning between seasons (and climates) and can be worn day and night with everything from city chic denim to classy eveningwear.                           
                                                                                    For Clear Days: 
                                            A LUXE LAYER
Important rule, wardrobe basics should be anything but basic, make sure you invest in a head-turning winning coat to take all cooler days up a notch. Case in point: a burgundy, mohair is the perfect colour for anyone to add class to their style. Go monochrome with other items in the same glam shade for a high-fashion street style look or button over a feminine blouse and a pencil skirt for a vibrant commute.

                                                                                    For Sunny Days: 
                                            STATEMENT SUNNIES
Editorial sunglasses are very big must haves this season. You can’t go down the street without seeing some kind of futuristic glasses that frame the face and make your head spin! What better way to make your way into the city then shielding your eyes with some blended sunglasses that become a necessary part of your everyday fashion life. 

                                                                                   For Jet Set Days: 
                                           A CHICLY DESIGNED HAT
A chicly designed hat is the perfect accessory for keeping your head toasty warm and snug. This retro-filled design is the statement accessory of urban armor: fashionable, functional and freezing-proof! Team with a warm coat, denim skinny jeans and ankle-muted boots for a modern look to transition from car-to-destination in style.

Glamour on the go and all the city essentials you can’t live without this January 2016 season, stay paparazzi worthy! 

Photography Michael Kors

Written by Heather Lisa Noire                              


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