"Retro Rebel"

At first glance you think this guy is completely mad! Like he just stepped out of another world that no one could ever comprehend. “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues,” the vertical beam of a laser, slicing up suddenly through the atmosphere at the peril of commercial aircraft. The restless journeyman “David Bowie” was determined to continue to experiment through progressive jazz to bring iconic demons to life! He sung very passionately with a lot of energy and a lot of conviction, his fans were inspired by his true love of art! Bowie’s creative impulses never wavered either, whether he was teaming up with transforming every era he ever hit into a memorable masterpiece, he was always nicknamed as “The Picasso of rock & roll.” 

Bowie was their as an artist who was part of the conversation and was a creative genius to a new generation of musician’s and style hopefuls. Often credited as cofounding glam rock, Bowie has a knack for mixing the strange with the beautiful that captivates audiences around the world. His image liberated young people who were just waiting to think outside of the box. He made it possible for the next generation to go to areas that might have been taboo before, giving them the freedom to express themselves in music, artistically, and in dress-it wouldn’t have happened without Bowie’s influences.

 His visionary style speaks to him through his untamed heart, whenever he sees something truly captivating he must put his soul there. Today, young men can put their own remix on Bowie’s iconic style with these simple yet rocker looks.

Rebel Rebel: Keep It Leather And TailoredA crucial and unforgettable anthem of an electric youth take over custom-tailored for a nascent generation of suited dandies mixed with punk. The best way to transform into Bowie’s rebel side is by adding some texture and fit to your look. 

A well-tailored blazer with a pock a dot print is like a lighthouse that shines off of the eye and really makes the overall look vibrant! You will feel like a mini clone of Bowie when sporting this jacket, with a pair of fitted black noir skinny trousers and shiny dress shoes.

 A rough and ready leather motto jacket paired with an animal printed top screams breaking the rules! These looks are defiantly night and day perfection.

Fame: The Bold Face Of FashionIn a 70s state of mind, no cameras please. Take on your dressy side and mix it with a more casual empire of navy dark blues and muted tans for ambience. Sweeping the hair back and sporting a pair of bright and bold avatar shades takes this look to another level of sleek.

If full on suede is too much for you, try fabric blocking with an elegant coat over rich dark navy fitted trousers. These styles will have you mistaken for the most sought after celebrity in the city.
 Under Pressure: The Miami Cabana EffectSpring has sprung and bold colourful patterned shirts paired with solid crisp white and tan trousers, is thriving in Miami heat. 

Cultural dominance that you can dance to really gets the juices flowing into the ease of guitar riffs. A retro hat pushed back and closely knit suspenders catapults these styles to center stage.
Changes: Modern Love Affair With Colour-“Turn and face the strange,” he commands in a like-minded chorus that could double as a career manifesto. This cinematic opera is a portrait of hard tones and intense fabrics. Falling for this take on modern with an oldie twist is a far cry from trends or what just came out in the shops. 

Chances are you just might have these styles in your wardrobe and not even realize it yet. Silk is having a moment styled with daring fitted trousers that will have us saying hello! This meditative beauty’s opening lines of yellow mixed with burnt orange gives this old fashioned pull over sweater new life. 

“Look up here, I’m in heaven”-offers a final, elegant farewell to traditional retreat from the boring jeans and instead invites a dressier alternative with navy slacks into the Hollywood spotlight.

The rule-benders and pop’s beauty chameleons of today who keep us guessing with their shape-shifting looks: Before there was Prince, Lady Gaga, there was David Bowie. His legacy of style and culture will echo throughout the industry to come. 

The only way to be iconic and stylish is to dress like one! What is old is defiantly new again so dust off your bombers, tailor your trousers, and don’t forget your shades for a true rock star transformation! Are you artistically inclined? 

Photography Pinterest, British GQ

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