"Smoked Blue"

Sea Change: This season’s love affair with blue is gathering pace and looks to be holding on so tight. From nails to mascara and even lushes lips, denim, navy, royal, and aqua hues are everywhere this miracle season. Looking ahead to the spring forecast blue make-up has a heavy emphasis, with eye and lip make-up becoming the main focus.

 Classic black is making way for a more flattering and versatile palette of denim tones –so isn’t it time you embraced on a journey into the blue? It’s nature’s colour for water and sky, but is rarely found in wind and fog. Today, blue is embraced as the colour of tranquility and authority, denim jeans and intense emotions. 

Blue has a more complex and vivid meaning then any other colour. This can be easily explained by pinpointing the specific shades of blue.

 Dark Blue: trust, dignity, authority, and intelligence. Dark blue is defiantly a favourite of some since it comes in such gorgeous hues and can really flatter the pure blue at heart.

 Bright Blue: cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness. The origins of these meanings arise from the qualities of the deep-ocean and inland waters, most of which are more alluring.

 Light Blue: peace, serenity, ethereal, infinity. The origins of these meanings reflect the calming and peacefulness of the sky. Blue is the only colour, which maintains it’s own character in all its tones. It always stays blue.

                                                                                                       In Focus: 
                                                     DON'T FORGET YOUR JACKET

There’s something about a minimalist city look that can really turn heads. A pair of jeans that are cool with rips and abrasions can give off a casual yet edgy look that is fresh and modern. If you are thinking about trying out the layering trend, then make sure to keep your look clean and stay in the same colour family.  

                                                                                                Daily Bright: 
                                                          Royal Maintenance
High-maintenance that masquerades as low-maintenance is the secret to pulling off the royal blue colour. With skinny jeans or trousers try a sleek blazer that is authentic and effortless.    

                                                              Bold Move:
                                                     BLUE ALL OVER
If you are seriously a brave individual that gets a kick out of dressing to impress in a statement making fashion, then true blue is the style for you. By mixing up patterns like dawning vibrant lace or denim authority shows you know how to bring out your best features. When it comes to colour layering, make sure to focus on a much lighter blue to give the look less of a harsh appearance.

 If this style terrifies you to hide under your bed! Might I suggest sticking to a more feminine look with high waisted fitted trouser paired with a pure white blouse. Going tailored with a hint of drama can really work to your advantage. 
                                                               Graphic Beauty: 
                                                  ALL BLUES EDITORIAL 
My philosophy for wearing editorial makeup is the same as my philosophy for fashion in general: wear what looks amazing on you and doesn’t make you look like a hot mess. I’m a huge fan of bright and violet silky blue lipsticks and eye shadows because they complement your eyes and make them sing, while your lips pop-especially when paired with shimmer. Your makeup is anything but simple when it comes to playing around with the blue smoked undertone.

 I love a juicy appearance on a lip; it gives off this sexy and chic high-fashion appearance. Achieving this desired look in your lipstick can be quite simple. You glide over your already blue lipstick with a more highly pigmented lip-gloss that gives you this professional beauty look. 

  This year was awash with denim-inspired make-up, clothes and everything true blue that is best in show. Solid blue moon shadow, double cobalt blue liner, raving blue lipstick, tailor-made suited to perfection.

 Light up the season and blow it up in smoked blue with a sapphire of pure reflected beauty. 

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