"Distress To Impress"

If you’re anything like me, the best things in your wardrobe are also the most worn: the perfectly broken-in jeans you’ve had for so long it feels like an eternity, the banged-up boots/trainers you can’t throw away. It certainly isn’t easy being terribly patient in this face-paced world we live in. And not everyone has the time to simply take good care of every garment. For me, clothes and accessories are an atlas of creativity. 

With each piece, come many different memories you experienced with each item that fills your mind with emotion. Every special piece plays an important role in the story of your everyday life. Which brings me to this spring’s distressed-everything style. That is blowing up the men’s wear fashion game! It’s denim-and leather jackets and rustic boots, too. In fact, all the new stuff we want? It looks, well, old and defiantly not new.

 With the help of these simple tips, I’ll show you the new-distressed way to get dressed: what to buy, how to style it, and ways to make your garments look as if, they’ve had a decade’s worth of life knocked out of them. 

                                  1) STEAM PUNKED
Before the boldly hue knits, graphic mixed prints, embroideries, appliqués, and more, all that everyone can’t get enough of is the 70s slant helm of the steam punked leather jacket. 

This jacket is rugged and perfectly retro. Every gent in the world will feel like they have total control, in letting their inner rebellious side break free. 

                                   2) OLD SOUL 
The heritage and luxe state of these beat up boots demonstrate the respect and authority, taking a sharp turn from the overt sexiness these rustic beauties give off that is simply cool. 

The secret to getting your own boots to look this way is to invest in a lovely pair of real leather boots.

Over time, the leather will stretch with your foot shape and simply become more worn. 

This not only is a trend, but a style that will never be old fashioned. 



An eclectic and cerebral way of dressing, one with perfection added to the list is defiantly not going to cut it here. The most high impact stress you could ever put on yourself is trying way to hard to do something. 

Why make dressing sharp and edgy so complicated? When it is easier then you could ever imagine. All you need is the relaxed way to be instantly appealing. This starts with the epic trend of aggressively distressed jeans! 

Now our favourite designers know how to give your must have jeans just the right amount of busted. And while most men feel insecure about trying this rocker style, any guy can pull off the head-to-toe distressed look, style note- sporting the ripped look all at once carries a high degree of difficulty. 

If you’re a new comer, wear one piece like ripped skinny jeans paired with a fitted silhouette, like a sport coat or blazer for instant class.

                   4) PUTTING IT TOGETHER

Incorporate all the global elements like leather jackets fashioned with torn jeans for a relaxed yet dressy look. Once you get the hang of dressing to impress it will become second nature to your everyday routine. 

Wearing a biker jacket worn out over darker colours can really shine a light on your vintage editorial style. Your journey has only just begun, but people will be shocked by your vibrancy and freshness and will be eager to see where your appeal takes them. 

The secret to pulling this style off, wear out your garments, as they get better with age. The holes in your jeans will just get bigger, the tough texture in your jacket will be more beat up, and your boots will be roughed up to the eye.

What is old is defiantly new again and in this case what is beat up is always exciting. 

Photography Esquire