"The Chic Mysteries"

Have you ever wondered how some girls give off this luxurious and innovative style and as a result look so much more chic? Some might describe it as cutting-edge giving professional results on the go! What could possibly be there secret? Is everyone well-dressed or just secretly a pro stylist in disguise? I am not completely sold; they must have something else in common, right? They do it is called an easy and unique set of styling secrets and now, I have done my own little investigation into the matter.

 From simple ways to sport the trends to staying organized, here are five proven things all stylish people do to improve their style instantly and remain top notch in the fashion world.

 Additionally, with these deeper layered and long lasting results, your own fashion range will become effortlessly smooth and timeless. 

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With a luminous appearance, the colour white is the most complete and pure, innocence, new beginnings, and wiping the slate clean. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white may not be stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. White contains an equal balance out of all the colours of the spectrum, representing both the positive and negative aspects of all the colours.

 When it comes to commanding a room with dominance, a chic girl always sports a power suit and looks a thousand times better than anyone else there. Beyond just a “power suit” this kind of flattering, feminine, versatile tailoring does much more with reflective, growth, and creativity through life experiences and vibrant elegance. Taking this trend to just being “so cool” is defiantly a tip we can get on top of!

 Unless you know your size pretty well, shopping online can be sort of a gamble.

 Many stylish people avoid shopping in the crowded messy stores and instead opt to shopping online for more convince. Shopping online offers protection and encouragement, with a sense of peace, comfort and hope. Helping alleviate emotional upsets from crazy consumers who want a deal in an aggressive nature. 

It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to have a fast and easy option in your life. Online can be exciting especially, when all the new styles come out first and of course online exclusives!

 You can use promo codes and get even further discounts to rock your look while still saving money at the same time. 

Always moving in a new direction, the sun is always around somewhere poking it’s bright head. The best feature every fashion girl has is a pair of killer textured shades.

 So many brands to pick from where do you start? By selecting a luxe two toned décor pair of sunnies, you give off that you mean business.

 By picking bold statement glasses you show off your unique personality while making some heads turn!

For the girl that doesn’t do dresses, the leather trouser is a desk- to-dance -floor essential. Style for minimalism in the office with an all black ensemble and a lace up boot, before channeling your inner Kate Moss come evening by switching -up for fur, eyeliner and hi-shine silhouettes.

 By investing in a pair of leather trousers, you are doing yourself the ultimate favour. Not only is this look addictive, it can be dressed up or down while rocking them all season long.

 If your shoes are scruffy and dirty this can give a bad impression of you. If your shoes are shiny but plain with a dull look then this can mean boring without any spirit or style. Stylish sought after shoes don’t mean you have to convey corporate cold hearted attitude. 

If you wear your shoes out take a damp clean cloth and simply wipe off any dirt of the day. For suede shoes use a brush to remove any accesses grim and marks. In some cases, if you are the type to really take care of your beauties! Opt for leather protection spray this protects your shoes from all the harsh weather conditions like, snow, rain, cold dampness, and heat. 

By taking good care of your shoes you will defiantly have a much longer shelf life to wear them for many years to come. Stylish individuals always have great shoes. It is the symbol of attitude, great looks, sexy conviction, and the perfect way to update your entire outfit.

Dressing chic doesn’t have to be a major secret. These styles are structured with a substitute of ultimate versatility. Here’s to unlocking the mysterious secrets to dressing chic.

 What is your favourite style and secret?

Photography Vogue

Written By Heather Lisa Noire