"What's Your Sign"

Spring is almost here, and with the weather changing so frequently, comes the freedom to dress more freely-to indulge in a little less protection from the elements and a bit more self-expression in how you dress. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, you will love the optic patterns and bold silhouettes in the slick suiting in signs of spring. Whatever the season, I love the way clothes have the power to transform.

 When we pick up the newspaper or surf on the web, one thing all of us secretly do is read our daily horoscope. What does it really mean and is it even accurate? A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words hora and scopos meaning “time” “observer” or “maker of the hour” It is fun to shine a spotlight on the idea of how your zodiac sign can migrate into real-life. 

Did you know your favourite shade of colour and style could relate back to your sign?
1) Jaw Dropper “Aquarius 20th January-18th February”    
The new moon in your sign is just what you need to leave the past behind and start again. Healing is at hand like the gentle and cool breeze of the riveting ocean, your style is turning the corner-and learning how to be bold and eclectic.

 You’re the adventurous type who loves to take chances and what better way to do this then by sporting this bright turquoise colour in a fitted oversized blazer and matching sweater. Your very relaxed and don’t take life for granted but you enjoy trying something new.

 The best way to feed your curious habit is by colour mixing from your car, furniture, and even your front door!

  2) Peace & Tranquility “Aries 21st March-19th April”
Sitting outside you take a sip of hot warm coffee you gently look up and as the sun shines so bright like a disco ball, you notice the soft clouds dancing in the sky. You automatically feel a sense of peace and relaxation. Things are wonderful this month yet you have this sensation of wanting change. Instead of sticking to the basics you go for a more classic colour choice bright white!

From your organized shelf for your accessories to your living area, it is worth putting some energy into this cool tone. You go for a more feminine twist with a flowing white dress to rock the streets! Who knew something so simple like a lace blouse and fitted skirt could look so sexy!

You have a quiet confidence that comes out in such a romantic way that has all eyes on you. 

3) Greatly Old Fashioned “Gemini 21st May-21st June”    
You are happier when you find a balance between work and personal life. Need to go somewhere? Don’t forget your coat!

You’re a commuter who is always on the move and doesn’t mind throwing on a bright coat or blouse to really transform your entire look in seconds!

You are more connected with your retro side, as you love romance and sharp silhouettes.

4) Ying & Yang “Leo 23rd July-23rd August”

Essentially it is time to wipe the slate clean and start again in all your relationships, including with your ex and at work. You’re the matter of fact type! The climb from each crazy step to the next can be a bit challenging.

Never stopping and determined you always stay tres chic in black and white! Your attitude is more stern and corporate, and with you growing your empire who has time for a pop of colour.

5) Luxe Fashionista “Libra 23rd September-23rd October”

Overall the month ahead looks sweet. You’re a VIP when it comes to fashion and the latest trends. You have a royal preference but you don’t mind scoring a bargain now and then.

In your wardrobe you reach for a motto leather jacket that goes with everything you own.

This cool girl style you have comes naturally and so does your, I don’t care attitude with oversized shades to match.

6) Block Party “Sagittarius 23rd November-21st December” 

It’s crucial to remember that mixing patterns and shine is your specialty.

 It may sound strange but the law of attraction works with a bold statement look.

So value yourself and the efforts you make to look party girl worthy. 

7) Tangled In Love “Pisces 19th February- 20th March”

Use this month to further explore your spiritual side. Whether it is through mediation or yoga, you will find it benefits you in various ways, in work and feeling the pressure.

 Colour-wise, your prospects are fun and romantic, with pink in your future!

You tend to wear your heart gracefully on your sleeve.

8) Continentally Violet “Taurus 20th April-20th May”

Study, travel, publishing, anything to do with the great cosmic quest that has you walking all over the place.

When it comes to being creative, the secret is to be completely dressed in violet!

Confidence and getting what you want isn’t an issue for you.

9) Not Just For The Boys “Cancer 22nd June-22nd July”

Why should all the boys have all the fun?

When it comes to tailoring you go with the flow and sport a masculine style from brogues to tailored trousers, you defiantly know exactly how to look sharp!

Sorry lads, this style is just the right fit for us.

10) Healthy State Of Mind ”Virgo 24
th August-22nd September”

11) Always On Point “Scorpio 24th October-22nd November”

If in doubt, walk it out. Make that your motto this month and you can’t go wrong in a sexy pair of red and black shoes! 

When it comes to your style what you wear looks quite effortless for you-just be sure you’re not trying to hard, being so perfect all the time can risk burnout. 

Manage all that by channeling your inner rebel in the tangled hardware of red and black punk!

12) Shinny Future “Capricorn 22nd December-19th January”

There’s fresh energy coming into your mind box. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer. The blessings of having a futuristic outlook have you thriving in bursting silver!

 Love what you wear especially when it shows off your shinning personality through a clutch or tailored outfit.

 People can see the future in your eyes and your style is out of this world!  

The stars are revealing as they illustrate our fashion tribe with chic creativity. 

Your horoscope sculpts your style by celebrating outside of the lines and inspiring in vivid and conservative colour, that is simply magnetic. 

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