"Game Face"

What does beauty mean to you? As related to the human form (rather then a landscape or an artwork, for example) it’s a really, really loaded question and hard to answer simplistically. Health with your skin always gets portrayed as enhancing its natural beauty to become more radiant and glowing. Companies pick target audiences to sell a new product on the market for customers to try out that practically promises you the world and then some. 

Do you ever sit and think to yourself, this sounds fabulous but does it really even work like what they claim? Companies from around the globe shell out all the tricks in the book, to practically create a blockbuster film in order to advertise how great something is. Feeling the heart pounding pressure to give into this company, a lot of people spend a lot of money on the hot new product of the moment. I like some trends as much as the next person but what I don’t think is beneficial to the consumer is false advertising.

 The only way around this issue is making sure you outsmart the companies with your own research on a product you are thinking of buying. When it comes to your own beauty routine where your skin is involved, did you know that some people maybe doing their skin care routine all wrong and not even know it?

 Take back the stress of listening to many people claiming you need a cream for this and that, and realize the less you use on your skin the more it will thank you in the long run. More exciting news, it seems another new beauty product to benefit the skin is out. How can it be trusted and work for you? Before you even think about trying out a new product on your skin you must know what your skin is like.

 Is it sensitive? Where you have to be careful what you use because it could irritate it? Moderate meaning you could use most things but you still have to watch what you use? Or is your skin regular, meaning you can practically use anything and not worry about any reactions. Knowing these factors can certainly narrow down what will work best for you and not make your skin worse.

 Here are 6 important tips to help you remix your beauty routine for 2016!
1) Read To Your Heart Is Content
Read the ingredients on the package and see what is really in your product. If it claims it is “all natural” with zero harsh ingredients in the formula, you cant always trust what they claim so read till your heart is content to see if this theory is correct.

 Look up these things and find out what you are really putting on your face! The results may even shock you! Never put anything with alcohol as part of the formula on your face. 

Not only is that bad for you but it can make your skin issues way worse and nobody wants that.

2) Exam
Test it! Put a small amount of product on one side of your face or one tiny area. If after a week you see it getting irritated then it must mean you can’t tolerate this product and should discontinue using it all together. 

3) Reviews Everyone
Read reviews, I know when it comes to something you are thinking of buying it can be bad to be swayed by a reviewer who might have had a bad experience with it. You can’t assume this will happen to you the same way. What is important to understand is some reviews can be helpful while others are basically rubbish. 

You can tell which reviews are from actually customers and which are just loaded with artificial information that doesn’t help you out at all. When you out weigh the pros and cons of reviews it is best to read ones that give very good detailed information of why this product didn’t work out for them. 

Look for keywords like, broke me out, made my skin more oily, and caused dryness or a burning sensation. When you find these particular words then you know right away if this is right for you. 

4) The Doctor's Here
When all else fails the only way to go is medical! If you have tried many products on the market but still feel like your skin needs are not being cared for then it is time for an expert to help you out. 

Not all doctors are created equally, while some may give you milder treatments, others result in being more direct. 

This could translate to taking pills to fix your skin problems or a cream to soap regimen.

5) Can I Have An Opinion 
Get a second opinion, if one doctor you feel doesn’t have your best interests at heart and just wishes to sell you beauty products, when you have a serious skin concern try another doctor. You are not creating drama in the medical and health world if you go to see someone else. It just means you feel the need to have a second option and this is very important. 

Not all health specialists are forcing you to buy pricy unnecessary merchandise that can cost you an arm and a leg. Look sir, I didn’t ask for pricy makeup and creams, I want my skin treated! It is crazy to think that someone would try to sell you rubbish you don’t need but these people are out in the world and these products you don’t even know if they work. 

What you need is someone who is properly trained in the field and wants to actually help you. Most doctors will give you samples to see which products work best for you and advise to try a sliver amount to see if this foreign substance reacts positively with your skins natural flora. 

6) The Gut Feeling
If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t just agree to buy something if you feel inside that you have reservations about it to begin with. 

This feeling can be so strong that it is telling your inner self not to do something. 

I think if a lot more people went with there gut then they would have a more positive outcome.

The true version of you will not be embarrassed to go out in public with a fresh face with no makeup so people will see what you actually look like.

When you are nourishing the skins natural ph balance you are benefiting your overall health. 

Get your game face on and revitalize your life with a beauty remix routine that will change what you think about natural beauty.

 Is your skin ready for this? 

Photography edited by Heather Noire, Photos by Pinterest Style