"The Denim Obsession"

I always shutter when I am told that something is being brought back into the 21st century. So when hearing the all denim trend had been modified, I was very excited to see what this style would bring to the modern era. The mosaic denim is to me what the art is all about: comfort, elegance, and luxury behind a discreet amount of purity. “The Mosaic Denim Trend” is the true art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. In this case, different structures of denim materials are being modified by a new technique of interior decoration to create a fun masterpiece. 

The mosaic style can be rather striking at first glance, what people may not know is the true essence of the art that singlehandedly created a chic movement.  Mosaic art flourished in the Byzantine Empire from the 6th to the 15th centuries; that tradition was adopted by the Norman kingdom in Sicily in the 12th century, by eastern –influenced Venice, and among the Rus in Ukraine. Professional artists, street artists, make modern mosaics a popular craft that is practiced around the globe. The word mosaic is from the Italian word mosaico deriving ultimately from the Greek word mouseious meaning belonging to the Muses, hence artistic. 

The denim trend is sweeping the fashion industry. This casual cool look can defiantly become a must loved staple in everyone’s wardrobe and defiantly isn’t just a trend. Denim has been around for years and as style keeps evolving so does the techniques. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first for this retro influence since it can be either incredibly amazing or fall flat at the door. To my surprise I feel as though this fabric has become everyone’s brand new obsession! Dressed up or down here are the 4 denim essentials you need in your life now! 
1) Patching It Up

The obsession starts with one really cool patchwork denim jacket you keep seeing everywhere- the contrast patches placed so thoughtfully along the back and front of the jacket. Then it slaps you in the face: it’s not just a new style to be madly in love with! Oh no my friends, this patchwork has been in fashion before.

 The only difference with this jacket is it grabs your attention! We can’t get enough of how chic something so casual can look. This jacket is everything and more that shows off your playful personality. Do you dare to go denim?

2) Our Spring Time Blues
A slip-on that boosts as your new go-to for casual-chic look. Crafted from lightweight denim that is light as a feather. These trainers promise to ground this season’s skirts and skinny jeans with effortless ease. If athletic flats are not your thing then bring your style to new heights with these statement laced up pumps in dark washed denim. 

Featuring a flirty peep toe and black accents for the ultimate sex appeal. These studded delights guarantee ultra lovely confidence with each and every strut. Consider them to being an ideal partner to the free spirited separates. 

3) The Master Of Indigo   
The particular reworked denim choice is popping up all over fashion week; a quick glance shows you how to sport a not so traditional denim dress. A modern interpretation of the denim dress, this style is designed for a contemporary effortless appeal. 

A relaxed fit gives it a casual get away style to working it dressy for the office. Pair yours with colourful sandals or boots for a noticeable edgy look. 

4) Simply Mosaic 
Fabric block, many washes, and denim I’m done! These are just gorgeous! Whether you prefer an always dark cut, a mixed wash or always blocking. The alternative to the most beloved handbag accessory is our true blue layer.

Talk about of the moment appeal a bold chevron, patchwork, simply denim, ensures the energy of graphic style. Let the polished hardware and linked strap add a touch of glamour to your anytime anywhere ensembles that are hungry for something new, fresh, and so hot!

Denim has been loved for many years, what sets these must have pieces apart is how diverse they can become in seconds. This denim and mosaic look is not a must have but a must now! Where is my credit card when I need it? 

Photography Chanel, Kar Lagerfeld, Pinterest Style

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