"Cheating With Rouge"

No matter how strong our bond together, I just knew it wasn’t going to last forever like in the fairy tale books. The allure and excitement of when we first met, it was pure paradise and electric. Not many people can sit over coffee and enjoy the morning sun without worrying about anything budging. The euphoria of being so speechless with the guarantee that we would always be together, just us two and that nothing could come between us. Jumping for joy, in knowing deep down I had trust in my relationship. We were always close and seemed to complement each other so well especially when others came into the picture. 

Emphasizing over the past few years, we could never see ourselves being unfaithful. It was like cupid set us together to become so intertwined our bond could never be broken. Fast forward a few months later and the unhappiness starts to become even more evident. The emotional awareness is so explosive, with sadness becoming a more common theme. The feeling of disappointment lingered as I started to realize our love for one another was no longer alive. The evident question came to my mind out of the blue, is cheating the right thing to do? Most people will tell you no! I could never be unfaithful or introduce something new into my life. It will never be the same and basically you will feel as if your life has come crashing down. The stigma will stick with you if you let it. No one wishes to be labeled, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” As much as it seemed unfair, the fears of you’re cheating becoming a permanent personality trait that lurked in my gut continuously.

 We are taught that we’re two types of people: those who cheat and those who don’t. Is it really taboo to cheat? It is considered bad and even looked down upon by some in the community. For the start to the spring 2016 season, it only makes sense to express your individuality without the fear of holding onto to something that has become invisible. 

Here are five helpful expert tips, helping you to cheat with confidence. 

                Don't Care What They Say: Make It Matte
When it comes to stressing out about what people think of you don’t care. Be confident and know that having the freedom to be free to express yourself is what matters most. You don’t have to buy a new lip wardrobe to embrace the texture of a matte lipstick; just dust your lipstick with translucent powder. It won’t change the colour it will just enhance your lips for a shine-free finish.

                                  Make It Perfect: Stop Bleeding
If you find your lipstick-bleeding, try an invisible liner. The thick, clear formulas create a barrier to keep your favourite hue in place. This makes it possible for you not only to look amazing but also keep your lips looking perfect all day long.    Sneak Around And Conceal With Feline Allure
Apply some concealer to your lips before you reach for your lip colour, this will help the colour of your lipstick pop and actually last much longer. Get a very dark liner to really perfect the feline cat-eye. The technique is difficult but can become easier with plenty of practice. The key is to use a smaller point for easier clean lines.   

                                         Fuller Is Always Better
Ever see fuller looking lips and wonder how the heck do I get those? It isn’t as complicated when you know the tricks then you will be doing them like a pro. A lip brush is your best secret weapon when it comes to achieving fuller looking puckers. Flappers in the early 1920s sported ravishing red lipstick to symbolize their independence. Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, forming a cupid’s bow with rouge lipstick was a sign of pure sexuality and confidence for women.    

                                       Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Try a little variety in your life. You had such a long lasting relationship with your nude lipstick, things change and different bolder colours are the new way to brighten up your face with confidence. It is normal to try something new. We are in a pick and choose world and the Hollywood scarlet red lipstick is the only way to go glam. The luscious royal red lipstick is the perfect colour to have on the side. It can become your go to lipstick and be so versatile you will never want to go back to nude ever again.   

                                           Photography by David Oldham 


                            Photography by David Oldham 

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”-Coco Chanel-

 Today, red lipstick is considered the most long-lasting iconic hero’s of the beauty industry. Whether you are a makeup pro or newbie, everyone can benefit on knowing exactly how you can cheat with confidence and not feel bad about it. 


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