"House Of Metallic"

Gold and silver have been used since ancient times as decoration in the clothing and textiles of kings, leaders, nobility, and people of high status. Historically, the metallic thread was constructed by wrapping a metal strip around a fiber core (cotton or silk), often in such a way as to reveal the colour of the fiber core to enhance visual quality of the decoration. Ancient textiles and clothing woven from wholly or partly gold threads is sometimes referred to as Cloth of Gold. Gold is the most desired of all metals; a single gram can be beaten into a sheet that is thin enough to become transparent. The transmitted light appears greenish blue, because gold strongly reflects yellow and red. Although gold is the most noble of the noble metals, it still forms many diverse compounds. The colour alone can be very reflective, while becoming the most dominant in its chemistry.

 Imagine stepping into a lift/elevator made of solid brassy gold. You can’t keep your eyes off the detailing and pure electricity of this elite structure. Where am I going? Maybe to a fancy cocktail party or possibly another part of the building that has become a dreamy unknown. How exciting! When we envision the colour gold, positivity floats into our minds and takes us to happy places. Coming off strong and alluring, perhaps gold has a reputation of being a bit mischievous especially in medieval times. It is believed that something so beautiful and rare has been shown to be good for your health. 

Every once in awhile a trend comes along that everyone just has to own right now! The top trend for April has to be oh so shiny metallic! I don’t know what it is but when we think of metallic’s we think of glamour and pure fun mixed with a wide spread of personality. Traditionally, we associate metallic for a date night look only, which isn’t really true. You can rock this tone every single day of the week and all season long. Fashion’s cool new attitude reflects the dressed-up street-wear, mixed with dressed-down couture is the next area of chic. 

It’s not news that the fash-pack has expensive taste, but the solid gold accessories, and clothes took bling to a new level. If you want to shine and be the centre of attention, you need these 5 must have items that are so hot right now.
On the catwalks of Gucci and Saint Laurent the designers took on the approach of military-inspired styles with the bomber becoming the must have jacket of the season.

Being worn with second-skin leggings and graphic shirts. The style’s main appeal comes in its high-class versatility- no matter what your style is the sportswear vibe can virtually suit anyone.

The bomber is literally all over the city and becoming a magnetic piece to add in everyone’s wardrobe. If you wish to dress up your neutral style with a twist, try a metallic gold bomber to really add a pop of intrigue to your look. 

Ready for a new direction? Kick into gear with the biannual book of the standout shoes that will have you hitting your stride. Higher the platform, the closer you are to 70s heaven! Your feet will turn into happy feet when they slip into sexy golden stilettos!

 These beauties will be putting a spring in your step in a matter of seconds. To put metallic on the feet is the beauty of eccentric gold. It makes women look very powerful, very daring.

If you like the taste of 24-carat trend, try winding a gold chain around sections of the ankle, as seen by designers like Tom Ford. The chunky gold glitter in the shoes gives off a feline appeal that is so addictive. 

Like a piece of 15th century art, metallic leather handbags are boldly striking of all the accessories. 

Tempted by modern hardware and a structured silhouette, this lovely style chameleon will go from elegant to edgy with a simple outfit swap. 

A golden handbag is perfection that will never go out of style. 

Most people have a major fear of venturing out of their comfort zone. So they tend to stick with traditional colours for sunglasses. 

Black is obviously the classic chic approach, and then comes brown, adding a classic everyday appearance into the safe zone. If you try out metallic glasses you will see they are not only show stopping but absolutely amazing! 

The modernist lines of aviator’s with a jewel tone appearance, or a cat eye styled with full on creative shiny lines with historic gold pieces. 

You will notice the designers give formal wear of shades a contemporary twist, experimenting with tones and designs. It is the aesthetic and echoes gleaming royalty that of the Egyptians. 

Form and function is the core, and mirroring metallic’s are at the centre of the stunner shades collection. 

Rendered in metallic, a gold dress is designed to sculpt the body to perfection. Anchor a sequin gold dress with strappy black jewelry or traditional goddess heels for an off-beat elegance with a rocker chic attitude. 

The diva couture long dress gives off this Greek statue silhouette that is so romantic and timeless. The use of golden-pleats gives structure and movement to this tailored wrap of lightness, showcasing an elegant relaxed fit and airy fabrics. 

The Oscar style dress creates something beautiful that has ease to it. 

Authenticity is what resonates with people. In fashion right now it’s about taking risks in a fast paced world that is changing frequently. 

I defiantly can see why gold has won each of our hearts, with its seductive mystery that can literally take you to another world of shine.

Are you obsessed with the house of metallic? 

Are you brave enough to sport gold this season? 

Photography Marie Claire, Pinterest 

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