"The Grooming Awards"

Men’s grooming has had its origins from the begging of evolution. The more the dominant male stood out from his competition, the greater his chance of getting ahead in life while attracting a mate in the process. It is for this reason why men will always have a predisposition towards their personal grooming habits in a very competitive society. 

Taking care of ones features can enhance the external appearance of beauty. This became known as the basic requirements for a deep inner feeling of pure happiness and longevity. Like a prize-winning car, most men prefer to take care of the windshield and make certain it is running in tiptop shape. The shield should always be clear and spotless; this became the same rule with your skin. 

In 10,000 BC, men were using scented oils and ointments to get rid of dirt and oil so the skin would be clean and soft. The fatty oils of olive and sesame were combined with fragrant plants to create Neolithic ointments for the use of daily men’s skin care. Egyptians used oils and creams for protection against the hot Egyptian sun and dry lands. Thyme, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, was just some of the ingredients used in men’s creams for hygiene and health purposes.

 The marketplace swelled up as products for men became even more in demand. Everyone was enthusiastically enjoying the fun and freedom to express themselves through good grooming habits. Popular treatments included, rosemary water for the hair, scalp, and sage to whiten teeth. Elderflower ointment for the skin and bathing in wine became a regular practice in society. Unknowingly, men in the early century had an obsession with having a beautiful psychical appearance. 

In today’s society, the same rituals are done every moment to be one step ahead of the modern competition. As a young lad focusing on the right grooming habits can be so confusing. You practically see so much information you feel as if your head is about to explode.

 Don’t worry, here are the top 5 grooming habits every modern gent should be on top of. 
                          1) First, Put Your Best Mug Forward
Skin is such a broad topic to cover. When you mention skin routines, some men don’t wish to discuss it. I mean lets just leave the cleansers to the women am I right guys? By taking away the stigma of skin care as being something just women participate in.

You would be surprised to know in 2016, men have become more aware of their skin practices. Having a day to night hygiene habit for your face can really improve your appearance. Choosing the right product can be difficult because there’s not a shortage of choices. You can start with recommendations from family or doctors then pay close attention to how your skin feels and reacts immediately after using the products.

After 7-10 days of use this is the best amount of time to see if your skin has become smoother and clearer. With daytime, try a men’s face scrub. To de-gunk those impurities, you’re going to need rough grit. This scrub will dig into pores without taking off to many layers of skin. This is normally recommended if you have normal skin.

 If sensitive, it is best to stay clear of this product. For Night, try a facial repair formula. This moisturizer will soak up dirt with the best vitamins for the skins graveyard shift. The skin is a thin layer that is best renewed at night while sleeping.    

                                2) Get Wet And Lather Up
You’re grouchy in the morning and you need to wake up. The best way to feel brand new is to start your day off in the right direction, head over to the shower and grab a body wash that has a cooling sensation with a refreshing fragrance.

This will help you relax while providing an invigorating experience. In addition, it is very important to shampoo your hair every other day, don’t forget to condition the scalp.

Shampoo washes away dirt, product build up; conditioner supplies the hair with moisture, making it feel and look healthier with a shiny appearance.

                                    3) Shave To Impress
Most women like a man who takes care of himself. You know it is nonstop hectic as soon as you walk outside the door. To have you cool and collected under pressure and keep your confidence up all day long, cleanse, shave, and repeat.

Midway you do the right thing and shave your beard or mustache to have a more clean-shaven appearance. This is not only very attractive but it can actually knock ten years off of you and make you look younger.

The best products to use are a sharp razor, and innovative grooming kit to get just the right amount of Bond shave. 
                               4) Shine Bright And Longevity 
The practice has been around for many years since the 1940s. You can still even today get your shoes shined if you are near a shiner in the city.

Why bother doing this who cares right? Most guys ignore foolishly the health of the shoes on their feet. All they need is to get the best shoe polish and shine your shoes once a week.

This maintains longevity and life for your famous and sharp footwear.

Taking care of your shoes is part of the grooming process and takes your dapper style to new levels of cool. 

                                   5) What's Your Scent?
Men’s grooming, skin care allows men to stand out while others to try and emulate them. Besides styling out and looking good, smelling good is just as important.

When it comes to tempting the opposite sex why not drive her wild with an intense and addictive scent.

 For an edgy appearance, make heads turn with a musky and ideal manly cologne. The secret to charming a woman is using a scent to your advantage.

Try cologne bathed in vanilla extract and lavender oil.

This will not only get your senses working overtime, but it can make you hypnotized by his intense and alluring charm.

Grooming for men is all about discipline and commitment. It is like buying a car, sometimes it breaks down and needs some repair while the same goes for your skin. 

Having a good routine and the right tips, saves you time, sharpens your organization skills, and most of all turns you into a modern sharp gentlemen. 

These great grooming tips go beyond just having the right products; it extends into effecting your overall health and diet.

 It is about being creative, looking dapper, living smart, and on the rise of being true to you, and owning it every day. 

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