"Five Ways Women Can Be Taken Seriously in the Workplace"

Do you ever feel like even in 2016 that women are not created equal? In a male dominate world this has us second guessing ourselves, especially in the Business Industry. We still battle to achieve the same recognition and respect as our male colleagues. From a male’s perspective, women are treated quite fairly but in reality this is far from the truth. In fact, many female co-workers feel they can’t be taken seriously in the boardroom, filled with nicely polished suited male counterparts. Some women feel isolated and at a loss especially when they see male colleagues getting the better projects or the most recognition for working hard and being efficient. 

However, many women get the most horrible projects to work with and their ideas dismissed when brought up in meetings. Most shocking is when men brought up similar ideas, and were told how great they were.

I noticed online many company’s websites that most of the people that were in the forefront were men. Sophie Cornish, an online entrepreneur, author and cofounder of “notinthehighstreet.com(NOTHS). She spoke about the business world freely. “Men still control the majority of businesses and there are far too many all-male boards. Men still see gender first and business credentials second. Unconscious bias is rampant and it is still much harder for a woman to have a successful career than a man.” Some women don’t know how to be taken seriously in the workplace surrounded by men. It can be a major challenge and you might not know where to begin.

Here are five proven ways women can be taken seriously in the workplace.

Arrive Early- No I’m not talking about getting up and arriving for the morning meeting at three am, while in the pitch black darkness in the element of creepy in the parking lot. When you come to work earlier then excepted try an hour earlier. It shows you are prompt and reliable, while proving to your clients and boss that you desire to get to work showing them what your made of. 

You Mean Business- By dressing the part it can say a lot about your personality. This doesn’t mean “man yourself down” to be accepted. The idea refers to dressing elegant while still remaining in a business like attire. Stick with classic silhouettes you can’t go wrong with. A fitted pencil skirt to the knee is classy yet practical and easy to dress so many functional ways. A classic white blouse gives a feminine approach over a tailored defined blazer. For footwear, sport a low heel for added grace with a dressy element. You can show a preview of who you are without having to sacrifice your personal style choices. Men will take notice in a positive way seeing you looking rather professional and timeless.

 Come to Play- In meetings, contribute your thoughts and ideas! Businesses and male counterparts love to see their colleagues getting involved in what they are passionate about. It makes for a creative and expressive better work environment in the long run. You can bounce off ideas with one another and get to know someone else’s perspective.

Always Organised- Keep your office clean and well organised. If someone higher happens to stop by and see’s you working away in a professional looking area they will be inclined to take you more seriously as opposed to someone making rubber band balls all day. Have a filing system and check out DIY projects for inspiration. Believe it or not, DIY office projects can be very useful when keeping your area clean and helps you know exactly where everything is while having a better chance at getting more things accomplished.

 Learn but Don’t Date- Many companies like it when who they have working for them is open to learning new and effective skills, this can not only make the company seem impressive but have you brush up on some new techniques you never knew existed before. Never let your ego get the best of you. Nine out of ten times you may think you know everything but the truth is you really don’t. Be open to learning whether it’s a new computer program or document.

Never date a co-worker or your boss! It’s highly unprofessional first of all and definitely sends a bad message. The worst case is if the relationship doesn’t end well, you will see them every time you go to work. No one desires that sort of headache.

If you try and follow these five key ways in the workplace, you will not only be taken more seriously as a colleague but you will gain experience, that can help you move up to a better position.  

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