"If Bags Could Talk"

     At the end of a winding lane bordered by a tangle of wild roses lies a magical street scene busting out with noise and bright lights. The eyes stare quiet freely as if it was a gently manicured showpiece in a ravishing art gallery. To the sounds of high-powered cars crashing on the streets, this noise unfolds like the petals of a flower in so many surprising and delightful ways, a pleasure still fresh to those who sense its presence.

 An elaborate garden spread out to create a roaring music that plays so freely through the scene. The sides of the buildings were woven into ancient styled carpets with a glowing architecture that truly captures the eye. The friction of the street automatically stops you in your tracks, you find yourself in a trance of hypnotization. You can’t control this feeling of wanting and desire! It takes over your entire soul the feeling of wanting to faint is evident. What could possibly make you react this way to something so stunning? A nicely styled luxury handbag of course! Every woman thinks a diamond is a girls best friend, the truth is most would rather have a beautiful purse instead. 

The term “purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. A “handbag” is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, such as a woman’s personal items. By the late 18th century, fashions in Europe inspired silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome. For every woman today, a handbag is the most valuable accessory to invest in. 

While on the street, it feels like the appropriate moment to sit down, take a deep breath and compose your thoughts on the theme of the latest issue, which is a luxe bag. Do you buy it or do you not? You have to think very carefully about this decision since it can be a tough one. Elsewhere in style, we explore the mingled emotion of class and beauty that makes us love this popular accessory even more. 

If the sharp edited suit makes the man, then the perfectly styled bag makes the lady. Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone’s clothes and your eyes immediately dart directly towards the bag instead? We all do this while getting inspired by walking around the hectic city. Did you ever wonder what your choice of bag could say about you? The style of your bag or designer you choose speaks volumes about your personality. 

Find out where you fall into the spectrum, and go just a bit further to see which bag is perfect for you. 

1) More Valuable Then Diamonds-  Unless you are not that knowledgeable about fashion, you may not realize that Hermes bags are among the most coveted and valuable of all fashion items. The exceptional Birkin bags have seen their value increase over the last 30 years. This mind-blowing handbag has been made famous on the arms of fashionsta queen Victoria Beckham.
A woman who carries this bag normally in neutral colours is professional, organized, and smart. She prefers to plan ahead and always dresses chic in the process. Don’t think twice about calling her cold. She knows her iconic status and sports this classy beauty for all to envy. 

2) Heritage Piece - When you think of a monogram bag the first image that comes to mind is the famous Louis Vuitton LV monogram.While some look at the bag as flashy, true fashion enthusiasts love this stylish iconic piece for broader reasons.
Loved by many celebrities, the monogram image is appreciated by its beloved heritage that follows the brand quiet nicely.
You’re a woman who begs for comfort, practicality, and the freedom of a bag that fits her lifestyle. She’s carefree and wants something to match everything in her wardrobe without the fear of compromising.

3) The Message- Staying safe is the most important to you. Being hands free can help so much especially when traveling. Your currency and belongings are completely secure inside a messenger bag. Dressy is your middle name since most of these beauties have a chain reaction and are made out of quilted luxe leather. You’re sophisticated, fashionable, and classy.
For you this bag is more then an accessory it is a way of chic life. You can wear it with practically anything, from cocktails dresses, to giving it some edge with a leather jacket. This bag has endless possibilities on styling it to perfection.

4) Modern Backpack-
The backpack girl is trendy, effortless, and adventurous. She doesn’t care about fashion that much, just practicality and readiness. Life to her is a journey she wishes to capture every moment and treasure it for a lifetime. She never slows down and is always on the move so she will need a bag to hold things like, money, books, travel papers, sunglasses, a bottle of water, smart phone, and more. Trying new things and going on an escapade is in her DNA! Changing careers and seeing other places simply because she can. 

5) I Have A Clutch On You-
A woman who carries a clutch is simple and values quality over quantity. She is not willing to carry anything more then the basic essentials.
She doesn’t need much then to look fashionable and poised with elegance and creativity.
This woman is confident and expresses her personality while making heads turn with her bold style selection.

Your bag is as divine as your personality, and more than any of the handbag types, you know how important your style is to the rest of the world.

 Make sure you sport the best accessory that makes a vast statement, while leaving people in the street perfectly speechless.

What is your favourite handbag?

Photography D&G, Mario Testino, Pinterest

Written By  Heather Lisa Noire