6 Essentail's for traveling in style

Time goes by so quickly that in a blink of an eye it is already August. Can you believe it was just July yesterday? Summer is over and fall has just begun to creep up on us in the best way possible. Going on holiday isn’t just for summer or special occasions, sometimes you just need to get away from it all and reflect. August is the best time of year to plan on going somewhere different. Even though it is exciting to travel there are some negative sides. It can be overwhelming and stressful on how crowded airports can get. This can cause the worst headache in the world. Before the long lines, getting through security, or even planning on what you will do once on the plane, most of us are too busy cracking under pressure over what to bring with us.

Have you ever seen those movies where the character brings everything with her, as if she has to have a million pairs of shoes in one small suitcase? It is funny at first glance but then you realize, wait am I like this? Most of us tend to try and take our entire wardrobe with us. Unless you are planning to move to another country, you don’t need your entire shoe collection. The first rule of thumb when it comes to packing for a fun and adventurous holiday is pack light. It may sound easy enough but not everyone knows the meaning of packing light. Or even what you should bring on the plane to feel more at home.

Being in such a small space for hours on end can literally drive you crazy. It sounds cool at first but then you get this sensation of feeling uncomfortable. The best way to avoid any drama or panic attacks is to take with you needed essentials to help you feel more comfortable.

Here are the 6 essentials for traveling in style. Share your memorable journeys that transform your life forever and keep you wanting more adventure.

1) Fresh Breath- Not having a clean mouth can be so horrid. Most toothbrushes are harsh and hurt your gums and mouth. This makes for a very uncomfortable clean. With Nano-b silver and gold toothbrushes, I saw a huge improvement in my mouths overall feeling. Not only do the bristles clean so well they are soft enough and gentle not to hurt my gums. When you have a sensitive mouth these are the perfect options. 

What I loved most was how custom they are to fit your own personal style. The brushes have an easy to use travel tube that easily fits in any bag or suitcase. This makes for easy access to bring on a plane with you without any hassle. The bright pink and blue have this gorgeous shine they almost resemble crystals or diamonds. 

I just love the glam factor that goes into these sleek designs. The Nano-b toothbrushes are the best number one item to bring on your trip. They fit easily in my purse and are so cool and fresh. 

2) I can’t hear you- A pair of headphones are the perfect distraction when traveling. They help you relax while you listen to some killer tunes. Maybe listen to a really great movie or just help you have quite time while in the air. Also headphones are a great way to get out of listening to an annoying passenger that just won’t shut up about flying for the first time. Pick a nice neutral pair or get really creative with a bling, shiny pair to really get attention.

3) Notes- If you find yourself feeling inspired or you out of nowhere feel the need to write something down. Get a notebook out to keep all of your ideas organized. Using one that is leather and has a place mark can really save you the anxiety while keeping things safe. This is also a good place to make a to do list if you’re that kind of person.

4) So chic- It is always important to have a pair of chic sunglasses with you. This is your number one weapon when going on and off a plane. They shade you from the harmful sunny raise and if you happen to be really knackered, putting on a pair of crisp shades can make you appear more awake.

5) Perfect skin- A lot of us don’t have access to a mirror when wanting to apply makeup. Instead of trying to do a photoshoot type look on your face. Opt for a more natural look with a dust of translucent powder. This makes the skin appear smoother while still giving off the no makeup look. Bring a compact with you, most of the time they have a small mirror inside which makes it easier to apply powder as if you woke up with nothing on your face.

6) Perfect landing- Having a watch with you is so important when you are traveling so you can see what time it is at any given moment. This helps when the plane lands and you are already on solid ground. If you happen to be wearing comfy trousers, it is best to change into a pair of denim jeans. Why you might ask? It gives off a fashionable look while still maintaining ultra-comfort. It is an effortless look that can keep you looking on point while not losing yourself in sleepwear. These ladies here have it right when being trendy but still comfortable when leaving the airport in style.

Sometimes a trip can be more than just a holiday. New countries, unfamiliar surroundings and foreign cultures can often trigger a new mood or mind-set, shaping the way we see ourselves, the world, and everything in it. 

For the peak of the gorgeous sunset, to the spectacular sky line that is like a dream.

"Quick tip: If you experienced over exposure to the sun during your holiday and looking for ways to get lighter skin or remove dark spots, check out this article"

Let me know below what do you pack with you when traveling?

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