More Issues Than Vogue

I have noticed that two things happen when you live through an era of constant rapid change, things become even more productive. There is a frequent surge of artistic creativity, with the misfits, the contrarians, and the underdogs coming into their own. We witness the rise of the rebel: those who don’t play by the rules, who flourish in chaotic, unpredictable times and welcome uncertainty without fear. This new look is dedicated to those people, the curious revolutionaries who always think differently. Style should be bolder, braver, and give many individuals a voice to celebrate varied walks of individuality.

Reimagine something so incredible that it simply takes your breath away. The new season is approaching, with so many exciting epic new fashion trends that make us hungry for more. We see new and unusual accessories that are anything but boring: distressed details, changing tones, cheeky sayings, and raw details that cuts through minimalistic leisure. Update your mobile phone with some top notch influential customization. What exactly is customization? When you examine customization within consumerism, the consumer as an individual is manipulating the product. This is done by selecting goods with the intentions of altering them. Attempting to maintain their lifestyle while showcasing their identity. Instead of accepting an object for what it looks like, it is incorporated and changed to fit one’s design aesthetic and choices.

Take for example, a mobile case. When you go to a few shops and look around at cases our eyes tend to zero in on colourful styles, patterns, or lovely words. Why do we not just stick with basic colours? The case is the first thing someone see’s when we answer our smart phone devices, why should they not reflect who we are? The biggest challenge I have ever encountered in my life was finding a customized case.

When I discovered Casetify, my socks literally blew off my feet! When you connect to the website you feel like a kid in a candy store. The cases make you overcome with joy, when you notice these awesome artistic vibes. You can let your creativity out to play and show the true artist within you. 

They have covers for sale for your computer, right down to your mobile. The best feature that had me sold was being able to make your own case from scratch. Every detail is your own design, from the hardware, colour, and even the creative sayings. I love how you get to obtain artistic control which gives you the opportunity to think outside of the box. 

Personalized when it comes to shape and size is a very important feature to have available. Some companies don’t have a certain style to fit the model of your phone this can be very disheartening. Casetify makes your job much easier by having every model available to fit any design you come up with. The site makes it easy to imply modification of some of the products and characteristics according to the style and tone. 

The formula concept can be understood as the idea of offering one-of-a-kind products that, adapt to meet the customer’s specific requirements. With this new concept, the industry moves from a resource base manufacturing system to a knowledge base system. 

Individual production is becoming quite rapid especially this year. It seems more companies are allowing customers to create a whole new product and this is really a cool new concept.

What makes Casetify stand out the most is how friendly they are with sharp experience. The More Issues Than Vogue cover is my new favourite design. It goes with any outfit, from dressing it up for a night time affair, to keeping it casual with a pair of vintage high-rise Levi’s and a Topshop biker jacket. This case has so much versatility it will never go out of style. 

What does your mobile case look like? Is it customized? Let me know in your comments below.  

Written by Heather Lisa Noire